Ranking: Top 10 6 Point Ships

1. Bloody Jewel
Compared to the Bon Marin: More cargo, more durability, more and better cannons.
2. Bon Marin
3. Longshanks
4. Griffin
5. Dragon/Queen of Sheba
6. Winds of Vengeance/Agha’s Whip
7. Marrakesh 
-Somewhat boring empty gold runner, but durability can really matter.
8. Bilge
9. Princess 
-Poor man’s Longshanks. There’s a solid argument for putting her at around #7, especially if you use Hammersmith .
10. Annapolis

(11) Francesca

Just missed:

A lot! XD Difficult to exclude La Rosario Glorious Treasure Widowmaker Whisper Sea Tiger Lizard’s Sting .

Noble Swan is a good turtle ship, but still a 1 masted gunship without much gold running potential.

Honestly the Meresman and Sea King have not done well for me, and are not particularly good ships at all. HMS Ram is a better gunship most of the time, and even Beast’s Belly has the potential to do more damage in a game.

Ranking: Top 10 6 Point Ships

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