Ranking: Submarines

Posted to Miniature Trading on Sep 26, 2017

Ranking: Submarines

14. Brave Selkirk
13. Pyre
12. Fathom
11. Locker
10. Barracuda
Never liked this one and don’t think it’s particularly useful for anything.
9. Hephaestus
Love the firepower but it’s tough to catch anything.
~ These next three were the hardest for me to order, so I wouldn’t strongly disagree with putting them in the opposite order I have them in here.
8. Terror
7. Slipstream
6. USS Lamon
5. Mobilis
Sickeningly disgusting in campaign games (almost single-handedly forced a tie at the end of CG1…) and one of the only ways for the Mercs to function on their own.
4. Devil Ray
Wanted to rank higher but crew options are night and day lol.
3. Coleoptera
2. Nautilus
1. Mercury

Just a Helmsman, Captain, and Gustov will give you a ship that’ll overwhelm most 40 and 60 point fleets, if they’re not built to counter the threat posed by subs.

This I don’t agree with though; I don’t think the Terror alone can do that without better speed or a reroller or something. Plenty of ships will simply be able to avoid the Terror’s range (you probably won’t get that EA often enough to stop many runners), and any 5 master would pose a large problem since you’d have to roll a 6 with submerged ramming or face a firepower disadvantage on the surface.

For the Slipstream, I don’t know if you’ve considered Bianco’s Haulers or Mistress Ching . (the former could allow for the link and a helmsman for 20 points with 3 cargo moving L+S – great gold runner for the Mercs at least)

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