Ranking: Top 10 Mysterious Islands Game Pieces

1. Christian Fiore 

Yes, he’s THAT guy. The guy that gave all the little guys a chance. The guy that essentially gives every minor faction (and the Cursed, who don’t have crew cancellers outside of RtSS Papa Doc for 8 points) a much-needed canceller, not to mention giving the major factions an extra canceller in important situations. My review; he probably looks tired because of all the work he has to do! XD

The flexibility of Fiore is amazing, and I consider him to be a game changer. His value in deathmatches and campaign games almost cannot be overstated.

2. HMS Gallows 

One of the best gunships in the game, and one of my favorites due to her being English and having the absolute best guns money can buy. The big cargo hold even gives you the option of sailing her as a hybrid!

3. Mysterious Island #1 / Mysterious Island #2 / Mysterious Island #4 / Mysterious Island #5 / Mysterious Island #6 / Mysterious Island #11 / Mysterious Island #12 / Mysterious Island #13 / Mysterious Island #14 

Here comes the wackiness! MI’s gave the game a whole different look, and not always in the best way possible. Available to anyone who wanted to dock and start “farming”, these in particular provided OP benefits to the lucky, or those who planned their farming expeditions from the start.

If you’re not sold on how they can affect a game, check out this battle reportthese reports, or simply consider replacing a 1 with Neptune’s Figurehead or Nemo’s Plans, or randomly bringing in multiple events from outside the game.

4. Count Gustov 

Fiore provided the canceller ability to all who wanted it; Gustov gave everyone extra actions.

5. USS Mercury/Nautilus

Tough to pick here; the Mercury has a better faction and cannons but the ability of the Nautilus is too big a factor to ignore.

6. Hermione Gold / Luis Zuan 

Two of my favorite crew in the entire game, especially when I had a smaller collection. Somewhat overshadowed by their later incarnations.

7. Le Descharges 

A great “stacked” ship. Very fun to play!

8. USS Stephens 

Not one of the best American 5 masters, but a beast within this set. A great combination of abilities that would price her at around 16 if reverse captain was appropriately costed at 2 points instead of 6. Also has point cap space to get some really good crew combos aboard.

9. Mobilis 

OK, so sure she has S speed. What about the guns? Pretty bad, darn. Solid cargo, but expensive for what you get. What’s the deal then? The Mobilis is the only thing other than Fiore that makes the Mercenaries viable as a faction (before the Dories keyword was invented 6 whole sets later), and is arguably the biggest defensive powerhouse in the game without crew. A nigh-invincible ship that almost single-handedly can give an entire faction a chance at winning a game is without doubt one of the most unique and awesome game pieces in existence. She is a must-have for Mercenary players, and a must-hire in campaign games.

10. La Sirviente 

Very good schooner that has a lot to offer.

Just missed: Devil’s Pay , Xiamen’s Claws , Captain Nemo , Devil Ray , Nemo’s Plans 

Honorable Mentions: Terror , Hephaestus , El Tejon , Forward , Santa Molina , Matuku , Shamrock , The Gentleman , Captain Mission , Lieutenant Henry Ducie Chads , HMS Iron Prince , HMS Empress of India , HMS Auckland , HMS Disraeli , El Corazon Dorado , El Villalobos , El Extremadura , La Saragoza , L’Espadon , USS Eagan , USS Quigley , Captain Montana Mays , Nemo’s Charts , Enemy of the State , Metal Hull , Power Cannons , Periscope , Skrew Engine , Shaihulud , Tasmanian Devil , Revolution , Independence , Divine Dragon , Slipstream , Abandoned Crew , Locker , USS Lamon

Ranking: Top 10 Mysterious Islands Game Pieces

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