Ranking: Jade Rebellion named crew

1. Zheng Li Kwan 
2. Katsura-chan
3. Shap-‘ng-Tsai/Warlord Cavendish
5. Chang Pao
-I’ve played a ton of games, and high cannon accuracy makes eliminating cargo less important. Still a close call though.
6. Kian Ng
7. Admiral Zheng He
-Abilities are technically worth 9 points; the Treasure Ship keyword and link accounts for the essential +1 cargo.
8. Dragon Eyes
-Surprised to see him this low, but a testament to how well the JR’s did with named crew.
9. Zheng Li Kwan 
-WAY better when built-in to a ship, but not nearly a useless ability like the recruiter often is.
10. Sensei Xu/The Nameless
-Although I will always argue that +1 to boards is overrated, Xu is a crew I haven’t used yet and don’t see a use for in the future either. Not much reason to use either of these except when “completing the fleet” in a big game. (JR’s playing on their own in VASSAL Campaign Game 4, so that should be interesting)

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