Ranking: Top 10 Frozen North Game Pieces

1. USS Kettering 

2. Odin’s Revenge 

3. White Rose 

I’ll try not to underestimate this one any more. I’d also like to use her more often.

4. Loki’s Revenge 

5. Diamond Strike 

Two of the best abilities in the game built in to the same ship! Yes please!

6. La Delacroix 

I love this ship, just think the other ones are a little better.

7. USS Albany 

So many potential combos; yes the speed is lacking but everything else makes up for it.

8. La Dijon 

9. La Lyon 

10. Icebergs/ Runes of Odin / Runes of Magic 

Absolutely cannot deny the power of these. Tough to use together, but game-changing when it works.

Just missed: Muninn , Grim the Savage , tie between Baba Yaga / USS Atlanta / La Tartessos 

Honorable Mentions: Naegling Huginn , Asgard , Hrothgar , Donar , Sleipnir , Hlidskjalf , Sigurd Andersen , Shayna Duex , Gruesome , HMS Orkney , HMS Royal , El Rosal , El Alma , Duque Alfonzo de Castilla , Marianne , Amiral Louis Cartier , USS Sioux , USS Maryland , Runes of Thor , Runes of Loki , Runes of Death , Kalaallit , Kalmar , Serpent’s Fang , Polaris

Ranking: Top 10 Frozen North Game Pieces

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