Ranking: Top 10 American Named Crew

1. Jonathan Haraden 

So important because he’s the perfect complement to many of their action generators. A bit less noteworthy for other factions, but amazing for the Americans. I’m not usually this high on basic reroll, but he’s so useful given their other named crew.

2. Diamond Nelson Turner 

3. GWL – RtSS version

Kinda boring/OP but it’s an amazing ability.

4. Commodore Peregrine Stern 

I worry about him being killed in a boarding and crippling the ship, but that’s why you’ll often want at least two other crew aboard.

5. Commander Steven Decatur / Captain Montana Mays / John Paul Jones 

To me any action generation is always better than Crew Protect. (comparing them to F&S Mays; Captain is simply necessary regardless of which you use)

6. Ralph David / Gus Schultz 

Underpriced and amazing value for points. So many great ships to put them on too! Hard not to rank higher, but I think I may overvalue Eternal.

7. Brent Rice / Chief PO Charles Richard 

Firepower is firepower, and here’s a faction with lots of it. Constitution is my #1 option for either of these, but they have a plethora of great 5 masters that can put them to great use.

8. Ralph David 

Feels like he should be higher, but the 1 point version is awesome too and they don’t have a ton of great ships for this (often forgotten) version.

9. Commodore Edward Preble 

Depends on the game size, but can be invaluable.

10. Montana Mays 

Great but sometimes overshadowed… everything depends on the ship and the rest of the crew he’s used with.

Captain Montana Mays would be a close #11.

I still need to use Captain Charles Richard . He doesn’t have a ton of utility for the Americans (I get what you’re saying, but this isn’t “best Cursed crew”) and I can’t get over that negative and the doomsday scenario that could lose you a game with the wrong rolls at the wrong time. Very risky – like putting all your eggs in one basket and then bringing a raging elephant near that same basket. Laughing

Ranking: Top 10 American Named Crew

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