• this is super interesting! I like the idea of more going on during boarding actions. I like the idea they used for the Deul Event, picking crew members to roll against eachother to see who dies. Could work that in as well. Maybe two captains could duel as a wager for ships, as is seen often in the flavor texts.

  • Good to have you back, Capn.

  • ok , “Frisbee Setup” is now on the to-do list!

  • Randy replied to the topic Idea For Econ Games in the forum Pirates CSG 2 months, 1 week ago

    yea Ive played with those rules before, this was meant to kind of supplement those rules with a “shop”. Yea, with only 525 ships I’m afraid I’m at the shallow end of the physical collection pool. Even still, there are about 250 ships that I never play with unless I had to haha! Sweet that would be awesome!

  • The roommate and I are coming up with an idea that would force us to incorporate some of the less desirable ships and crew into large scale games. I know it has been discussed before here that some ships are either too expensive to justify their use, or just have abilities that you don’t find helpful in certain games, so they tend to never see the…[Read more]

  • Thanks Woelf!!

    Also, great idea Xerecs, I hadn’t thought of bringing an extra Chieftain!

  • Does the action limit apply to a Treasure Ship’s ability to move after loading treasure? So if a treasure ship uses an ability to gain a second action, then uses it to explore, can it now move S away per the Treasure Ship ability?

  • I do like setting up a large island with lots of treasure!!! lots o fun! I did a Columbus Day game where we did UT’s only and it was amazing. I think I will take your advice and do some UT only matches soon!

  • Going off standard game rules, I’ve been adding an extra wild island per player for every 20 points over 40 we use. Sometimes it is fun just to make an ocean and not worry so much about balancing islands for thematic reasons or whatever. Most of my small games are 60-80 points..I think I need to step up the games! 😉

  • 100 point games can get pretty big!! I’ve been thinking more about how many islands should be in play as the game points go up. How many wild islands do your 100 point games usually have?

  • Yea they wouldn’t be as screwed in my household if I had multiples of the basic crew. I have one complete set of SCS so the Jades only get one of each basic crew. I should probably be more willing to make proxy pieces …we talked about this actually haha. Their named crew are definitely the saving grace, though as you pointed out.

  • I like that rule myself. We do the same with those factions, except for Jades. They get slightly screwed on basic crew because the set only gives one of each of some things, but they do very well. I like when each person has access to all of one faction. I am big for keeping fleets faction based unless we are doing econ games.

  • If I’m playing solo, ti is much easier to be creative with monsters and such. Usually if I’m playing with my roommate we do a draft prior to the game. Each pick one game piece at a time until our point allowance is met. Those tend to be the “power piece” games.


  • Hahaha you pretty much got it. I wanted to open up to all different play types, Econ games, standard games, scenarios…just going into a “new game” could have been a better phrase!


  • How do you guys usually pick your game types or fleets when going into a new campaign? Usually, I will have an idea for a crew or ship synergy and build a fleet using that concept. Sometimes it is as simple as wanting to use specific types of ships, specific factions for thematic purposes, or even terrain set up ideas. What gets you excited to…[Read more]

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    Well…I have two left to hunt!!! I will probably stay away from buying on ebay for a while unless a gem comes along. Just gotta keep trolling or maybe trades!!!! *fingers crossed*

  • Randy replied to the topic The eBay Sales thread in the forum Pirates CSG 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    I probably got my wires crossed on the Delusion/Baochuan then..they were all from the same seller, right? so…..unfortunately….that Celtic…went to us hahahaha. I usually see them for 60-100 in bidding so I thought it was an ok buy…think I need to be more patient? ;-/

  • Hahah Yea I wanted to do something more supportive than offensive in honor of the website! I made some for friends from the group as well. Lots of fun!

  • <p style=”text-align: left;”>This is amazing and getting used asap!!! Hahah!!! Been working on some for a couple of people, but I’ll throw this one out while yr still on break!!</p>
    The Keymaster

    Point Value: 11

    Faction: Pirate

    Abilities: Navigator.

    Can be used on ships from any nation.

    Once per turn if this ship is within S of an…[Read more]

  • Randy replied to the topic The eBay Sales thread in the forum Pirates CSG 5 months ago

    Those 5 masters were all nail biters! We snagged the Celtic for around 60. I think the Zeus went for around 90$, and surprisingly the Delusion sold for more than a Baochuan both between 20-40 I think. I feel like the community truly showed what these ships are worth since the bidding started so low.

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