2021 End of Year Awards


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    This is informal and everyone can just submit their own favorite contributions from the year if you want!  I’ve never had such a hard time choosing my favorite for each category!  It was a good year overall for many of the categories and I think the candidates for “best” are so similar and balanced.  2020 version for reference

    If you’d like to nominate certain items for the various categories, please do so.  We can vote in this thread as well.  I’m completely fine if people just post their favorite submission for the year in each category.  Right now I don’t have time to go through all the criteria and try to make a list of each, and low turnout in the past doesn’t help.  I think it could be fun to make it a little bit competitive and try to one-up the person who posted before you in this thread (even if it’s just one category).

    Fleet of the Year: For me it would be the 100 point Calypso dragon fleet I used in December.

    Picture of the Year: Lots of good choices here too.  How about ghostly HMS Goliath vs. Bonhomme Richard at Lake Mead for English vs. Americans on July 4th?

    British vs. Americans on July 4th in Las Vegas Pirates CSG game

    Game of the Year: Tough to pick. My turn in CG4 was bonkers. For coolness factor, it was tough to beat playing against Tiffany O’Brien in September and the Bowen brothers in July.  I also played two 4 player 100 point games, first in Vegas and then in Bellevue WA.

    Video of the Year: Curious to know what you think my best youtube video of 2021 was!  The Motherlode finale was just cool to see after wanting a huge hoard for so many years.  Very hard to narrow down to one video!

    Podcast of the Year: Episode 53 with PirateCaptainAndrew was enlightening!

    “Thing” of the Year: For me it was meeting people from the Pirates CSG online community!  Prior to 2021, Captain Randy was the only other I had met.  This year I met up with a whopping 9 people from the online community or game’s history!! (Captain Randy, Xerecs, JW Darkhurst, Gingerninja, Gigi, Tiffany, Luke, Cutty, Witch)  From a broader, perspective, I think the Discord server overall could qualify as the “thing” of the year.

    Event of the Year: I can’t pick just one.  😀  Meeting up with everyone was just so great.

    1. Fleet of the year: Barbary clones I had some fun with that one.
    2. Game of the year: No battle reports but I had a good one against my brother and Nephew, Pirates, English, Spanish
    3. Video of the Year: Sending the Obago Duece into the drink. Bold
    4. Podcast of the Year: I listen to the set review series constantly. All 2021 Content was a treat.
    5. Thing of the Year: Advances in creating new ships. Wood, 3D and styrene. Luca’s Halloween  ship was great.
    6. Event of the year: Meeting Ben and playing some Pirates!

    @Gigi: Glad to hear you enjoyed the Corsair clone fleet!  Thanks for the kind words about the podcast.  I agree with your thing of the year as well!


    I only have a couple to contribute.

    Game of the Year: In-person game with Ben when he visited.

    Video of the Year: CoEC 2021 Report 19

    Picture(s) of the year: I couldn’t decide between these two. I’d have chosen almost all of the sunlight shots from CoEC otherwise.



    In-person game with Ben when he visited.

    I’m flattered!  Especially with the epicness of CoEC.  We’ll have to make our next game more memorable.  (hopefully next month if I’m in San Diego at all hehe)


    I’m late but

    Fleet of the Year: A small 40 point, two ship fleet I started the year with. Was the maiden voyage for my HMS Swallow, and took down a particularly annoying Baochuan build. This started my year of pondering on the english being higher on my list of favorite factions than I care to admit 😉

    Picture of the Year: Posted on FB at the end of the year…Snuck right in but it was an inspiring pic to say the least.

    May be an image of 3 people and outdoors

    and one to toot my own horn: From my TLAP Day game…major AWE vibes

    No photo description available.

    Game of the Year: With humans, 4 player 100 point game when Ben visited this year, although playing on the Strip was an equally exciting time. Solo, I would say the above mentioned TLAP game was the best solo game I have ever played.

    Video of the Year: Obago Deuce taking a dive into the Bellagio lake…screw you Deuce!!

    Thing of the Year: Eating Breakfast beneath a Phallic cloud.

    Event of the Year: Again, seeing my boy Ben this year was great. Fourth of July with Ben at Lake Mead was super memorable for me. Here’s to another year!


    Eating Breakfast beneath a Phallic cloud.

    Lol so bizarre!  It was a fun year for Pirates!

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