2020 End of Year Awards


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    This is informal and everyone can just submit their own favorite contributions from the year if you want!  2019 version for reference

    If you’d like to nominate certain items for the various categories, please do so.  We can vote in this thread as well.  I’m completely fine if people just post their favorite submission for the year in each category.  Right now I don’t have time to go through all the criteria and try to make a list of each, and low turnout in the past doesn’t help.  I think it could be fun to make it a little bit competitive and try to one-up the person who posted before you in this thread (even if it’s just one category).

    Fleet of the Year: Well, I only submitted one, but I think it’s a good one: UPS 5 Enhanced

    Picture of the Year: 3D printed 4 master courtesy of Juulm’s files.  😀

    4 master 3D printed

    However, you can also make a great argument for a number of pictures from my “Concept” game, which saw simultaneous usage of ships made of 3D printed PLA, wood paste, and styrene.  (not to mention a sunken RtSS 10 master in the background with a custom dismasting other customs O_O)  How far we have come…. XD

    Concept game of 2020 with wood and PLA

    Game of the Year: VASSAL Campaign Game 4

    Video of the Year: CG4 saw some awe-inspiring moments that I was so glad to record for posterity… but for sheer entertainment, maybe this has to take the cake.

    Podcast of the Year: Only one, but it was funny.  #51 with Getempowder

    “Thing” of the Year: 3D Printing

    Event of the Year: For me, this was getting my Ender 3 V2 and watching as my first unofficial ships came off the print bed.  😀

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