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  • In an unrelated issue, does anyone know what kind of ship was the inspiration for the windcatchers Their sail plan is a bit baffling so I’m not immediately able to identify any real world counterpart.

  • A historical longship was similar in shape to a trireme, but it was only one row of oars (one deck), like a large canoe with a mast and deck. The pcsg longships (of two or more masts) has a fore and aftercastle deck which longships don’t have. Galleys don’t really have them either, but their height would have been common on carracks.

  • That’s the thing, they don’t look like anything historically. Longships only really ever had one deck and even the largest only ever had 1 mast, which was square rigged. The 1 masted longships look like Cogs with oars (which would maybe make them karvis?) but the two and three masted longships don’t resemble actual longships, they look like an odd…[Read more]

  • I as never able to collect anything beyond Davy Jones Curse sadly (my local stores stopped carrying the game), so I never got to experience the Mysterious Islands, or the Frozen North etc. But I’m kind of glad for some reasons because now looking at the Viking ships I’m irritated. They look cool, but they are NOT longships and do not deserve such titles.

  • Is it possible they are cutters?

    Meanwhile, I’m assuming the 3 mast jib-rigged ships are likely brigatines while the 4 masted ones are likely galleons.

  • Additional Update Post on Carracks: I feel their ability is rather clunky and restrictive, so I have changed it to be more simplified.

    Once per turn, when this ship is rammed, roll a d6: on a result of 5 or 6 eliminate one mast from the ramming ship. Boarding ships may not use boarding bonuses.

    For clarification, the mast elimination occurs…[Read more]

  • Another dumb question: Obviously all the game piece (except for the poke’ships) are based on real world ship models (i.e. 1 Mast Galley = Barbary Fusta, 4 Mast = Galleon, etc.). I’m assuming the two-masted square rigged ship is a Brig and the two-masted “Blockade Runner” is a Ketch?

  • Dumb question, but is it just assumed that all generic crew from the Cursed faction are automatically undead? I mean aside from the obvious crew game pieces, lore wise. It makes alot of sense for the crew of someone like El Fantasma to be ghosts, and the crew of Stephen “Sargasso Kalhoun” are obviously Trogs. But I’m specifically referring tot eh…[Read more]

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    Thanks for answering that, now I have an unrelated follow up question.

    Where does the art for much of the series come from. I’ve been trying to find images of a few crews for a while. Namely Fitzgerald, Headhunter, and a few more of the Cursed crews like Master Scribe. Is there a good place to find like an Pirates CSG art dump?

  • I wanted to try posting an updated version of the Drua Keyword I intend to work on.

    Druas are voyaging canoes used by the polynesians and have 1-3 crap-claw sailed masts. In the spirit of their voyaging prowess the Drue Keyword will work as follows:

    Drua: This ship ignores terrain, except Trade Currents, when she is given a move action. This…[Read more]

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    Dumb Question. Comparatively what are the rarity scales between Black (SR), Orange (LE,PR,ETC), and Green (PR, Special). Which are higher in terms of value by order of magnitude (i.e. Crew/Treasure/White -> Common -> Uncommon -> Rare -> X -> X ->X.

  • Goncalo Nunes’s last ability is in fact meant to be used off-island

    The Ships were arranged by quantity of masts primary so I could decide how many ships of each mast they would get.

    I did take a small number of liberties. The creation of the San Martinho occurred very shortly before King Philip II became king of Portugal so the ship was built…[Read more]

  • woops! sorry about that I got it changed.

    If I had to pick a favorite I don’t think I could, but I like Joao Vaz, it’s fast and it has S-Explore.

  • Pardon my impertinence, but this is the current state of my first ship manifest (I haven’t added the other factions yet, but this is the Portuguese faction atm.

    Friendly reminders: Cog: Once per turn, a friendly ship within S can explore this ship as a free action (this occurs on the cogs turn), Caravel: This ship may perform a stern turn, this…[Read more]

  • Ah that makes sense, I’ll take more consideration for a ships cargo/speed categories in pricing ships in the future.

  • Okay, thank you for the criticism, what I meant by “model bonus” was a generic increase in point cost based on a ship model type (i.e. Turtle Ship, Long Ship, etc). I was finding that “ship type” abilities were increasing the base 1 master cost by 2-3 or more but that sloops with negative effects would have an overall point cost of 2. Which led me…[Read more]

  • I’m just going on a formula I’ve seen a pattern for in which most basal 1 masted ships are roughly 3pts, +X for their model bonus, +/-X for their abilities. If you feel these ships should be priced higher what point cost would you put them at?

  • The first three cogs are finished (just without flavor text), take a look.

    Madre de Deus

    Type: Ship

    Faction: Portuguese

    Point Cost: 6

    Masts: 1

    Cargo: 6

    Base Move: S

    Cannons: 5S

    Ability: Cog. Secret Hold.


    Santa Catarina

    Type: Ship

    Faction: Portuguese

    Point Cost: 5

    Masts: 1

    Cargo: 5

    Base Move: S+S

    Cannons: 4S

    Ability: Cog. Once…[Read more]

  • What’s the point cost of Parley and/or Secret Hold?

  • Are there any other concerns or criticisms on the ship types I presented in post #11796. Any issues to discuss with the Cog, Caravel, Carrack, or Drua.

    If not I’d like to know their possible point costs before I start working on the ship manifest.

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