• It’s true that the models could have just been replaced by cards, that’s my main issue with the game. But the simplicity of the gameplay is what makes it kinda exciting to my group.


    It’s basically a TCG, which we all love. Your deck is gonna have a bigger influence on the outcome of a match than your units, but without the right units even the…[Read more]

  • Ahoy!


    So my friends and I (well one of them – it’s supposed to be a Christmas surprise for the other) recently began collecting the Star Wars Pocketmodel TCG, so I figured I’d ask around here if any of you have played/collected it? Have any fun stories to share? Fond or not-so-fond memories? The game seems to be way more dead than Pirates, and…[Read more]

  • 2019 was either stronger or weaker in regards to Pirates for me, depending on how you look at it.

    My group of friends and I haven’t ordered a lot of product this year – most of our orders were made 2018, with only 2 or 3 having happened this year – but we’ve played a good number of games together. Had a little bit of situation at one point…[Read more]

  • Our draft has concluded!


    …without any games played. We had only a couple of hours to spend, so we decided to just draft the packs and play games like normal some other time. A bit sad, BUT! But, I say. But, I pulled the Super Rare pack from Barbary Coast, so I’m extremely happy. In ~500 packs opened so far, we have pulled exactly 3 of these…[Read more]

  • Hey guys, I could use some advice!


    My friends and I just ordered two boxes of Barbary Coast boosters. We’re planning on doing some draft games with those packs, which is something we wanted to do for a while now. My question to you: With only game pieces from the Barbary Coast booster set available, which pieces should I try to snatch away in…[Read more]

  • My gang all play exclusively single nations, two per person out of the big 6 (even though the Cursed don’t feel that big).


    Aside from that, I like to play for fun more than efficiency. I’ll look through my ships and pick out one that looks interesting to play, then build around it. Most of these lists fail horribly, but I make it my mission to…[Read more]

  • Cheers for the answer, much appreciated. We’ve had a pretty long break from playing Pirates and are starting to appreciate some lesser used pieces now.

  • Question about Broadsides Attack:


    <span class=”fontstyle0″>-</span><span class=”fontstyle1″>Broadsides Attack </span><span class=”fontstyle0″>ignores all defensive abilities of the target ship, except those that make it an invalid target for a
    shoot action. </span>

    What exactly counts as a defensive ability here? Specifically, ships that need…[Read more]

  • For me it has to be the first purchase I made with my friends.


    I played when I was younger and had nothing from back then, but when I stumbled upon HWG some years ago I couldn’t help but buy the Ocean’s Edge lot. Got to play a few games with my brother and sister, but ultimately they just collected dust in a box.

    Then one day, hanging out…[Read more]

  • What is your favourite ship type? Least favourite?


    Did you have any ideas for the game that got implemented (ships, crew, treasure, etc)?


    How did you feel about the game “sinking” before Return to Savage Shores?

  • Kai replied to the topic Most prized pirate? in the forum Pirates CSG 1 year, 2 months ago

    100% the HMS Titan. Was in the first booster pack I opened back when I was a child, and took me 120 booster packs to get again as an adult. Close second is the Le Courageux, absolutely gorgeous little ship.

  • After 120 packs of Spanish Main, I’m still missing 4 English ships (046, 052, 053 & 054), as well as 4 crew (057, 059, 065 & 066).  From Revolution, after 2 displays, I’m  missing the 024 HMS Swallow for my English and a few things for my French (048, 059 & 061).


    Can’t really complain too much about the things missing from Revolution since w…[Read more]

  • The majority of pieces my ragtag crew of pillaging and plundering sea rats and I have comes from Spanish Main, Revolution, Ocean’s Edge, Rise of the Fiends and Fire & Steel, since those were the sets we could get for fair prices. We have a few singles here and there from Savage Shores, Davy Jones’ Curse, Crimson Coast and Barbary Coast (no…[Read more]

  • Welcome back! (?)  You’re in Germany right?  I think I remember Kaiser being from there.  If you’re over there, you could always hit up the old_man

    Wow your memory’s something else. Yup that’s me!

    Fleets?  I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t do other games where that is the jargon… even in CCG’s I’d call them decks before “lists”.  (no off…

    [Read more]

  • Ahoy!


    I played this game as a kid and then lost track of it. Years later I remembered and managed to convince some friends to play with me. Now several millions in debt and living under the bridge, we have accustomed to our new vagabond lifestyle, taking only the bare necessities and our vast collection of ships with us as we get chased off by…[Read more]

  • Hey Ben!

    I’ve been a fan of this game since I was just a little kid, and the enthusiasm of everyone on here (and back on MT) got me back into the game. I sincerely appreciate all the effort you and the others have put into keeping this fantastic game alive.

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