What is your favorite purchase of the game that you’ve made?

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    This is somewhat similar to the old best eBay memories thread.

    My favorites would be some of my purchases when I got back into the game in 2011.  Looking at my collection history, that lot of 311 cards from SM was only $20.50, and contained 104 ships.  It included many of my favorites and staples, among them HMS Lord Algernon and El Acorazado.  I actually have the exact date saved in my document:

    2/13/11: Lot of Pirates CSG Spanish Main Wizkids 311 Cards: $20.50

    Many others are awesome to remember.  My first 2 packs of SM.  The 97 ship lot for $26 in summer 2011.  Getting nearly all of SCS for $150 in November 2014 (now a great deal considering the rise in prices), along with a lot of BC from the same seller for another $50.  Then the crazy low price per ship deals of 2015:

    3/31/15: F&S lot of 146 ships: $9.99

    9/5/2015: Lot of 434 ships: $70

    If I had to pick one, I’d go with that SM lot for nostalgia, favorite set, deal quality, and gameplay quality and quantity.  (works out to about $.20/ship)

    What is your favorite purchase of the game that you’ve made?


    For me it has to be the first purchase I made with my friends.


    I played when I was younger and had nothing from back then, but when I stumbled upon HWG some years ago I couldn’t help but buy the Ocean’s Edge lot. Got to play a few games with my brother and sister, but ultimately they just collected dust in a box.

    Then one day, hanging out with friends, I just decided to give it a go and asked them if they’d like to try a round or two. And they had fun! So that sunday we decided to buy some stuff together. A display of Revolution, and 3 Spanish Main 20 piece blister packs. That’s what got our collections really started, and I look back on the day of pack opening fondly.

    I failed to pull the one ship I wanted, the HMS Titan, from that purchase, so I got more Spanish Main for myself in the next purchase we made. All together we’ve made 3 or 4 purchases from there now, plus a good chunk of singles from a German ebay seller we found.

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