What kind of Player are you?

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    This is inspired by the “What kind of Pirate are you?” insert, which I think came in the Caribbean or RotF packs.

    Some potential examples:

    -Monofaction: a “pirate” who always uses the same faction in games.

    -Predictable: a player who always uses the same fleet.

    -Consistent: a player who always uses the same build total in their games.

    Others could include players who like using scenarios as often as possible, a player that vastly prefers multiplayer (not 1v1) games, players that prefer chaos and weird abilities over actually winning (fun and Cursed stuff rather than competitive), or players focused on a specific strategy like boarding.

    I guess I would call myself an “epic pirate“.   XD  At this point I’m a player who prefers to play very large games against similarly experienced opponents.

    What kind of Player are you?


    Back when I still played regularly, about the only consistent thing when setting up fleets was that I’d always try to use only a single nation at a time.

    Beyond that, I always made an effort to do something completely different every time. One game might be a treasure-oriented Spanish fleet, the next a battle-focused English fleet, and the one after that a smash & grab Corsair fleet. Other times, I’d build everything around some crazy gimmick and figure out a way to make it still work.


    My usual style of play centers around what I call “gap filling:” I’ll have a main faction that I primarily base my fleet around, but will bring in ships of another nation (usually Pirate) if there’s a role the primary nation can’t adequately provide with the remaining build points. Usually, the “gap fillers” are small treasure runners or support ships.

    This tactic is very useful in small games, and makes playing minor factions like the Vikings much easier.


    My gang all play exclusively single nations, two per person out of the big 6 (even though the Cursed don’t feel that big).


    Aside from that, I like to play for fun more than efficiency. I’ll look through my ships and pick out one that looks interesting to play, then build around it. Most of these lists fail horribly, but I make it my mission to at least sink one enemy per game.


    Hmmmm. I’m kind of all the above. 😀 I enjoy the big epic games, but I also like the smaller games with a point limit. I’ve played scenarios, gone for brutal efficiency, just for laughs, and somewhere in between more than once. So final assessment…… Whichever way the wind blows. 😀


    Hmmmm. I’m kind of all the above.

    I’ve been nearly all kinds of players at various points over the years.  I think you and I are two of the only people to play that can say “all of the above”.  🙂   With enough sheer volume of games it’s nearly inevitable.

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