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    So my friends and I (well one of them – it’s supposed to be a Christmas surprise for the other) recently began collecting the Star Wars Pocketmodel TCG, so I figured I’d ask around here if any of you have played/collected it? Have any fun stories to share? Fond or not-so-fond memories? The game seems to be way more dead than Pirates, and after a few quick rounds I don’t really see why.


    I have several of the ships (the models were excellent), but have never actually played it.

    It’s been years since I read the rules, but it always sounded overly simplistic. Move between a couple different zones, and play cards for their effects. The cool models were entirely superfluous, and could have been replaced entirely with tokens or cards that showed the same info. Their physical shapes/sizes and positions within the zones meant nothing, unlike the way the ships are used in Pirates or the much more recent X-Wing Miniatures game.


    It’s true that the models could have just been replaced by cards, that’s my main issue with the game. But the simplicity of the gameplay is what makes it kinda exciting to my group.


    It’s basically a TCG, which we all love. Your deck is gonna have a bigger influence on the outcome of a match than your units, but without the right units even the “strongest” deck will underperform. You have to approach building your fleet with certain things in mind, like what you want your win condition to be, how to deal with your opponent’s annoying objectives, etc. It’s fun, and pretty damn cheap to get started, too. You can get a lot of 24 booster packs from Wholesalegaming for as cheap as $20 (last time we ordered, the Ground Assault set was on sale for $6 for a 24 booster lot!). Due to it being a TCG you’re probably not gonna get your playsets from just one box, but if you’re looking for something neat to play quick matches of, it’s worth buying a box or two.

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