• Hey all, I’ve been absentee from this forum for a hot minute. I just redid my office and rediscovered a box of unpunched ships (like a hundred) and my fever has come back full force XD


    I’m about to try and build some custom ships for the first time, from scratch, and was wondering if anyone else here has tried this? I’ve got a photo quality…[Read more]

  • Yes those two! They aren’t particular great units or ones that I play a lot but I like having them as collectables.

  • I always love anything that makes shooting in this game more dynamic but I would want ships to have some seperate range options, clearly showing some ships as close range brawlers or quick snipers. I like the idea of reducing accuracy for a long shot, something along the lines of “double this cannon’s printed range and reduce it’s accuracy to 5.…[Read more]

  • For me it’s a tough three way tie between the Bauchon which I was able to get unpunched for less than 20 bucks (I saw most of them at least 50). I also have the Nautilus w/captain nemo and The Flying Dutchman with Davy Jones from DJC. I have to give an honorable mention to the three transparent ships I have too; the black pearl and the two…[Read more]

  • I agree, love the concept and look of the wrecks. Two thoughts I had would be if the ship was crewed when it was sunk, the owner can do a sort of “saving throw” if they roll highed than the number of masts the ship had when it started it becomes a wreck. That or if a ship sinks within an L or maybe 2S from an island or terrain it is in shallow…[Read more]

  • So me and my group that regularly play the game have started working on our own set based off Irish naval activity of the west coast of Ireland. We’re making a minor faction called the Fenians and are based off of famous Irish pirates and Irish folk heroes. One of my group knows how to use adobe creative suite so we have some carstock and a…[Read more]

  • Recently got my hands on an unpunched Bauchon and did a HW gaming run. Filled out rise of fiends and pirates of the carribean sets including the holo-black pearl. I also bought a few risky lots from ebay that payed off including a lot of barbary coast/crimson coast ships and one unpunched flying dutchman from Davy Jones Curse.

  • @Ruben Santiago I’ve purchased a lot from Hill’s Wholesale gaming and while you can only really find bulk items (so you’re spending at least 50 bucks) they always have come in good condition and rather quickly. They have a lot of the major sets but not everything. They are a good reliable resource with pricing that per pack often beats other…[Read more]

  • I’ve talked with my play group before of settinf up zones that you can only access after certain point in the game. One way we talked about was having a narrow causway that you have to pay a toll to secure passage, having a cost for a single ship or a much larger cost as a pass for your entire fleet. We also played with idea of having “npc” forts…[Read more]

  • I really disliked the only two factions, there should have at least been a cursed faction for davy jones and the flying dutchman. That and could have been a cool opportunity to do different pirate subfactions (the whole jack-barbossa conflict). I did, however, really like the huge amount of UT’s and the approach to generic crew was cool. That and…[Read more]

  • @Ben definately fun even as my collection gets close to complete. I recently actually went through most of my sets and was able to calculate how close I was (minus SM, CC, SS cause I didn’t have their checklists). This is where I am

    Revolution- 66%

    Barbary Coast- 40%

    South China Sea- 72%

    Davy Jone’s Curse- 84%

    Mysterious Island- 60%

    Frozen…[Read more]

  • Been pulling some extra hours at work and have just got together a relyable play group who all draw from my collection. I decided I’d bolster it with a trips to hills wholesale gaming. Bought two displays from rise of fiends and fire and steel (I already have too much OE, DC and RV) and 3 special tins, I’ll share any good finds when they arrive!

  • I recently aquired my first sea dragon more for the aesthetic and for the sake of collrcting (trying to have one of each playable ship varient). I got my hands on Shal-Bala and Angelica and looking closer at the keywords I’m realizing that they are quite unique even amongst sea creatures. I have yet to use them in a game but it seems like you’d…[Read more]

  • I’ve thought about photoshopping a simple water texture, printing it out and glueing it to some cardboard calling it “treacherous waters”. When a ship ends a move action touching treacherous waters roll a D6. 1 nothing happens, 2-3 treat it as a reef, 4-5 treat it as a sargasso sea, 6 treat it as a whirlpool.

  • That is awesome!!  SCS is one of the best sets and one of my favorites.  The Jades are a really cool minor faction.  The big lot of SCS I got in late 2014 was one of the biggest Pirates purchases I’ve done, but I don’t regret it at all.

    Easily my biggest purchase for pirates as well but I think it was well worth it, I have two games planned this w…[Read more]

  • Wind is a big one, but I’ll go with resources/resource management. Most of my favorite strategy games are about managing resources in some way

    This is something I’d love to have incorporated as well. I recently bought a huge lot of different resource tokens (40 different types). The first version I’m working on uses them as trade goods. In a r…[Read more]

  • There are usually expensive single packs on eBay for $10+ but finding a bunch in a lot is rare.

    Ok cool, out of the 32 I was able to find I recieved almost all of the Jade Rebellion ships (including several 6 masters) and most of their named crew. That and I went through the list and was able to get 85% of the whole expansion. I’ve never had any…[Read more]

  • I recently made a great find, several dozen sealed South China Sea boosters. I have been looking for reasonable lots of them for a while and I know they are rare but exaxtly how rare I’m not sure. What have been you all’s experience with searching for South China Sea packs?

  • That does make sense.  Allow them to be repaired, possibly even as a free action if you pay 1 gold.

    I really like that too, I love any rule that lets you spend gold for a possible advantage, adds an element of economic strategy I like. (Was a big fan of forts being added)

  • I forgot about those until reading this post! Hardcore dose of nostalgia staring at those scenes hoping one of packs I just got would yield a ship that cool. I think they’re absolutely fair game because they are produced with the sets, as long as you have all the information wether it be with the deck card or by finding it online it is valid.…[Read more]

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