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    Ahoy maties!

    Now that I have a few extra ships, I was thinking how best to organise and display ships. There are a few criteria I’d like to add:

    Ships must be reasonably easy to locate (I spent a long time finding the ship that matches the deckplate when I had a modest 50 ships)

    Collection must be safe from dust (my nemesis)

    Accessible for gaming

    I was thinking about a glass display case. Maybe a shelf per faction, with minor factions mixed. But how to organise the ships? Greatest number of sails to the back? By ship type? By release? Side display for reading name plates?

    How do you guys organise large numbers of ships?


    I don’t have a display or anything, I just put the ships into a bin and am careful with them when I get them out. Deckplates I store in a binder, and have them arranged first by set, beginning with Spanish Main; next I order them by faction, so all of the Pirate ships from SM, then the English, and so on; finally I have them ordered by size, largest to smallest. Finding a deckplate isn’t too hard for me, pulling the ship out of the bin can sometimes be challenging, especially the small ones.


    I like the idea of storing the plates in a binder. I’ll get a few card sleeves to keep them safe between games. It will also save quite a lot of space if I can just stand them on a shelf. Thanks!

    I got all the ships assembled and they fill quite a lot more space than I first anticipated. I’m thinking the glass cabinet with shelves would be the best option. The cabinets are pretty cheap and I can organise shelves into factions, subdividing shelves into sets. I can then look at the ships, easily find what I need and if I’m careful, avoid inadvertently destroying any with my inate clumsiness.

    Saldy, one thing I found when assembling ships was I needed to use a fine scalpel (exacto knife) to expand the slots used to assemble ships. Most sails didn’t fit in and I ended up snapping one early on because it wouldn’t push in with light pressure. I also found that where the ship had two levels, sliding the tabs together scratched off the outer colour. I was pretty miffed and even with a lot of care and carefully expanding the slots for the tabs, a couple of ships STILL managed to lose some of the colour. The white scratch looks awful but is nit that noticeable luckily. Oh well, that’s the game I suppose.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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