Why did you like or dislike the Caribbean set?

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    I’ve always been surprised by how many people don’t like the Pirates of the Caribbean expansion.  I thought it was a cool idea and the perfect collaboration, especially after Wizkids basically went there with DJC and OE.

    My gripes are the lack of Cursed (Davy Jones and company should definitely not be pirates), the new numbering format (based on rarity rather than faction), and the strange “named generic” crew that could have been more unique or well-thought-out.  Overall though I think it’s a cool set and it’s really cool to be able to use favorite stuff from the movie right into my Pirates CSG games without needing customs.

    Especially if you DON’T like the PotC set, what are your reasons for that? (can also say what you like of course)

    Matt Lovell

    I mostly enjoyed the expansion because of the tie-in and it always seemed to me, that it had a higher number percentage wise of 5 Masters, though that is just a feeling, never ran the numbers.

    Not that it was without gripes. As you mentioned, Cursed should have been a big part but I think Jade and Barbary could have had a few too. And never really like the UT items being added to the regular treasure cards.

    Edit: Got bored. Did math for feeling. Caribbean certainly middle of the road for 5 Masters. MT used for data.

    Edit 2: My table totally didn’t format correctly

    LECC 1 2 50.00%
    CC 10 72 13.89%
    R 9 66 13.64%
    RU 9 69 13.04%
    RF 8 64 12.50%
    FS 12 96 12.50%
    DJC 11 99 11.11%
    SM 7 68 10.29%
    SMU 6 64 9.38%
    C 5 57 8.77%
    OE 8 115 6.96%
    SCS 6 92 6.52%
    MI 6 98 6.12%
    FN 5 86 5.81%
    SS 2 38 5.26%
    BC 0 68 0.00%
    BCU 0 68 0.00%

    (just realized I typed this up over an hour ago an didn’t hit Submit…)


    Hey Matt, thanks for doing that.  Makes me like CC and RV even more because 5 masters are my favorite ship type.  : )

    Ruben Santiago

    I haven’t really thought about the PoTC set but it only has the English and Pirates from what I’ve read.


    I really disliked the only two factions, there should have at least been a cursed faction for davy jones and the flying dutchman. That and could have been a cool opportunity to do different pirate subfactions (the whole jack-barbossa conflict). I did, however, really like the huge amount of UT’s and the approach to generic crew was cool. That and I have the black pearl in the transluecent build like the super rare seamonsters from DJC so that’s a plus for the set.


    I generally like the set though but I definitely agree having only two factions hurts it. Multiple factions and minor factions would have been great and far more true to the movies. My guess is Disney had their hand in making some of those decisions.

    I like the introduction of all the movie characters as pieces as well. (perhaps more play testing to fix several of the more broken characters….Jack Sparrow)


    -The collaboration made a ton of sense. Pirates + Pirates couldn’t have been more obvious. It shouldn’t have taken nearly as long as it did.
    -It was great seeing so many characters, even minor ones, appear on crew cards. (*See Dislikes)
    -It increased exposure for the game quite a bit, and certainly drew in some players that hadn’t been interested (or even known about it) prior.
    -Several excellent ships and other abilities were added to the game. (Jailhouse Dog, Hai Peng, etc.) Even the Krakens were pretty cool, even if they weren’t the best for gameplay purposes.
    -Fully compatible with everything before and after. (*See Dislikes)

    -Very little cohesion with the rest of the game. For example, I understand why they used different flags, but it would have been better if they’d matched.
    -Only two nations represented. Again, I understand why they did it, but nearly half the crew in the set would have fit better as one of the other nations, Cursed especially.
    -Named crew with generic and/or repeat abilities. It was a good way to get a lot of minor characters into the game, and fine if this was the only set someone ever used, but highly disappointing to anyone that was already into the game. Named generics was bad enough, but giving lousy abilities to great characters (Gibbs) was even worse.
    -Horribly imbalanced distribution of abilities. Granted, the focus is meant to be on the Pirates, but for being a “full” faction in this set, the English should have had more than 6 crew. Pirates *really* didn’t need a canceler (Tia Dalma).
    -Duplicate UTs. Obviously there needed to be Rum, but it would have been better if the new version was different from the original. Others duplicated previous UT effects but had new names.
    -Some broken items. Captain Jack!!! Park & Lian were broken in the opposite (useless) direction.
    -They really stretched things to get enough ships in the set. There are, what, maybe a dozen named ships in all of the movies? Many of the ships are also direct copies or very slight variations on ships that appeared in previous sets.
    -It erased Jack Hawkins. Legally, it sounded like they were forced to stop using him because he was (legitimately) too similar to Jack Sparrow. Captain Mission/Mysion, the intended replacement, was a poor substitute.


    Great points!

    It is a weirdly imbalanced set, even between the 2 factions.  I usually jump to HMS Endeavour as evening things out, but really the Pirates made out way better.  (though the English benefited arguably as much or more compared to the other sets, since some of their best gold runners are from the set)

    I did find the abundance of random/non-movie ships kinda strange.

    I guess I never thought about all of Jack Hawkins’ versions combing before PotC.  Since he got so many versions (and most of them playable), I never had an issue with it.  Mission is an oddity but quite interesting in my opinion.  I never would have predicted it, but I’m probably his biggest fan at this point.  XD


    Most of my points wee made on the FB group, but one more thing I liked was the inclusion of some of the Young Jack Sparrow  book series stuff. Pieces like the Grand Barnacle, and Fluer de la Mort came directly from those books.

    On that note, they could’ve used some of the things from those books as UT’s and crew. I would’ve loved to see Left foot Louis, Captain Torrents, and Jack’s young crew as actual crew, and things like the Sword of Cortes, Trident of Poseidon and Stone Eye Sam’s Stone Eye as UT’s, instead of the repeats of rum and whatnot.

    I suspect the didn’t include much from those books due to lack of publicity around them, and huge amounts of publicity on the movies.



    Most of my points wee made on the FB group, but one more thing I liked was the inclusion of some of the Young Jack Sparrow  book series stuff. Pieces like the Grand Barnacle, and Fluer de la Mort came directly from those books.

    I’m happy about that too, rather than inserting random stuff not from any PotC content.

    I suspect the didn’t include much from those books due to lack of publicity around them, and huge amounts of publicity on the movies.

    Indeed, I knew about the extra fiction but never read any of the books.  It made the set a little more confusing, but in a good way – like “ooo, more PotC stuff, nice!”  😀

    Some of that stuff sounds like a great customs idea.  Between that and the two movies released since 2008, a small set could be designed.  I’ve got my DMTNT customs in the Epic Seas set, but might have to add some OST stuff sometime too.

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