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    The main Custom Ships thread is the place to post your new customs, things you want feedback on, etc.  This thread is not for giving or receiving feedback!

    This thread is where you can post links to your custom sets.  You can also keep all of your customs here IN ONE POST, but I suggest you also make a backup (or two) if you do that.

    From the original:

    If they want, everybody can work on their own megapost with any new rulings, keywords, and other ideas from the Custom Ships thread. It’s become rather difficult to keep track of which ideas belong to which person and which keywords and abilities mean what.

    As rules questions and ability clarifications are asked and answered, each person can simply update their original post in this thread so it’s clear which version of the keyword or game piece is the most practical to use in a real game.

    All of my customs can be found here:

    Pirates of the Age of Sail and Pirates of the Epic Seas


    El Cazador

    El Cazador’s sets:

    Pirates of the Cursed Seas: The Great Sea (1.2)

    Enter the Great Sea to do battle with or against the new Kingdom of Hyrule faction. Hyrule and the Cursed have dueled through the ages, but with new weapons and ships, can the Kingdom defeat the Cursed and ambitious colonizers? Or will Ganondorf’s Cursed form a new Gerudo Empire? Will the great navies of the west prove triumphant over the newly awakened Kingdom?

    Enter the Great Sea to forge a new destiny. Only you can decide in Pirates of the Cursed Seas: The Great Sea!

    You can find it hosted here.

    Pirates of the Cursed Seas: Rise of the Moon Sorcerer (1.0)

    Rumors swirl of an ancient Aztec relic, the Head of Coyolxauhqui, having been lost in the Caribbean long ago. Will you join Vyse and the Pirates as they seek the relic to keep it out of the wrong hands? Will you join the Spanish in their holy duty to destroy such profane and blasphemous objects? Will you side with the Cursed and their sympathizers in an attempt to turn such a treasure into a powerful weapon? Will you make the Moon Sorcerer rise to glory, or will you make him fall into obscurity?

    Return to the Spanish Main and join the hunt for gold, glory, and legends. Only you can challenge the balance of power in Pirates of the Cursed Seas: Rise of the Moon Sorcerer.

    You can find it hosted here.



    Davy Jones was slain years ago, but peace did not come to the seas. Old rivalries and hatred continue to fester, and the Cursed never went away. Technology is progressing more and more with some ships now powered by steam and some plated in iron.

    Have you felt it? A tremble in the water, a change in the winds, and more deadly and dangerous Cursed, on the verge of making an empire. Davy Jones has returned.

    Pirates: Return of Davy Jones


    The world is getting smaller, but new discoveries can still be made. A string of islands in the South Pacific and Atlantic have been discovered, islands that can grant great power or great misfortune. Who will exploit these islands? Who will perish in the race to them? What are you willing to sacrifice to gain limitless riches? Welcome to the Blood Islands.

    Pirates: Fiends of the Blood Islands


    A hidden civilization in the South Pacific has come to the world stage, ready to challenge the great imperial powers on the high seas, the Ionics are here! Growing quickly and learning from the worlds seafaring powers they have become a power to be reckoned with, but what might they be hiding?
    Lurking in the dark seas the Cursed menace continues to grow, now more powerful than ever before!
    New and more cutthroat pirates continue to be a menace to those who brave the high seas, do you have what it takes to sail these waters, and win your fortune? Or will you be consumed by the sea and the treasure you seek? Hoist the sails and ready your weapons for the grandest of adventures!

    Pirates of Spherus Magna



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