What other games do you play?

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    So besides Pirate, What other Games do you play? Like Card or Table top or Role playing?l

    My self I play Netrunner the CCG, Redemption the CCG, Monopoly, Clue, Jenga, Terrace, Sorry, Qwirkle, and I play A RPG I created (Table top Pen & paper) called Cope. I am thinking when we get to play Ship to ship Combat we will use my Pirate cards for battle as I heard other people using them that way.

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    In addition to pirates I play a host of things. Bunch of “classic” board games like Monopoly, Clue, Risk and Life.

    A host of different and varying card games, from stuff you play with a regular deck of cards like Gin Rummy, BS, 21, and others; to dedicated card games such as Uno, Unstable Unicorns, Exploding Kittens, and Coup. I’ve also played the Star Wars CSG and I’ve got some of the models around still.

    I’m not sure where Red Dragon Inn falls in terms of type of game. I suppose it’s an optional role-playing card game.


    Getting into computer/video games, I don’t have any kind of game console, now or ever, but I do have a PC. I’ve recently gotten into Minecraft and I’m eventually going to set sail on Sea of Thieves.


    I haven’t played it yet (because I’m still making it), but there’s a combination board and card game based on some stories I’m writing. It’s similar to Risk in a lot of ways, but has elements of some other games I like included. I also play a card game with my brothers of my own design that uses a smattering of Yugioh cards, Star Wars CSG cards, Lord of the Rings TCG cards, and Lego cards.

    There’s other things I’m into that aren’t board or card games, like Boggle and Jenga.


    So besides Pirate, What other Games do you play? Like Card or Table top or Role playing?

    To probably nobody’s surprise, almost nothing nowadays.  My intense obsession with Pirates has made me a one-trick pony, and I’m happy about it.  😀  XD

    In the past (often 10+ years ago) I enjoyed Pokemon, Yugioh, Monopoly, Spades, and some others.  I think the only non-Pirates board games I’ve played in the past ~5 years have been Ticket to Ride and Merchants and Marauders, along with one game of a basic version of Settlers of Catan earlier this year.


    I play yugioh a lot, for about a year or so I got pretty competitive with it, but then my deck got hit by a dumb banlist (Trickstars) and the past few formats have been pretty boring, and I can’t go see my usual yugioh buddy cause covid. I also do the occasional Catan game as well as stuff like Civ, AOE3, and CK2. Oh, and Sid Meier’s Pirates ofc


    Thanks everyone for the input…Games I have played in the recent past (10 yrs ago) were mostly table top RPG’s Like DnD, Fudge, Gamma World, Cyberpunk, Shadowrun, True 20, and more I can’t remember… It was there I wanted to write my own RPG and I am almost finished with it now

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    Adding onto this now since it’s relevant, I’ve finally dipped my toes into DnD along with my brother.


    I play Magic the Gathering a lot. I used to play competitively until Covid. Now I am out of the loop and probably won’t return. They release a set like every two months, which ruins the experience. Mainly because you are constantly chasing the meta. I never enjoy the meta playstyle in any game, and I  like to homebrew and make exciting deck ideas that no one else has. I will, however, still play the casual commander format.

    I also have a Risk playgroup where we have like 10-hour play sessions with house rules and campaigns, which are super fun.

    I have always wanted to get into a Wargame like Warhammer or LOTR but they are so expensive and I have no desire to pay a ton of money only to build and paint my own minis.

    Pirates really are like the best mix of a miniature wargame and a TCG.


    EDIT: Can’t forget chess. It’s the classic strategy game that I think is essential for any gamer.

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