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    In late July I’m expecting to do a podcast with two of the most prominent players of the SOE Pirates Online era, RedDragon and Captain Ron!  I highly recommend their radio show about the online version of the game from 2009.  There is also a Hall of Fame from the community for Pirates Online.

    Feel free to post your questions here! (related to Pirates CSG)

    What got you into Pirates CSG?  Did you get into the digital version after playing the tabletop version?  When did you get into the game?

    What are your favorite memories of playing the game?

    What was your favorite fleet?

    Who was the best player of Pirates Online?

    Have you played Pirates CSG since the online version was taken down in early 2011?

    Have you stayed in contact with any of the other players?  What usernames do you remember?

      Tell us about the differences between playing digitally vs the physical game?

    1. Tell us about common fleet strategies used on the digital platform? Where there any strategies considered the best or most effective?
    2. Did you run online tournaments? Tell us about the tournament environment and experience?
    3. Do you think the digital version of the game could be relaunched? What about a steam implementation?
    Davy Jones

    How did the Sea Monsters look and feel to play as? Did they have realistic animations? I played a bit online but was young and didn’t have money at the time so I never got to use them.

    Commander Cody

    You can get a quick look here.

    They look ok for that era.

    My question would be; were there creative changes or rule changes made in order to facilitate it being a video game? How close was it to a 1:1?

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