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    More exciting news! Through BoardGameGeek and now email, I am in talks to have Mike Selinker on the podcast! 😀 If things work out, this one could happen in April. (or possibly later)

    Feel free to post your questions here! (try to keep them as related to Pirates CSG as possible of course)

    I think it’d be worth asking him some of the questions that we asked James Ernest.  I asked him some preliminary questions in order to avoid some repeats – he said his involvement with the game ended before Spanish Main was released (just like James Ernest), but he did work with Wizkids.

    What was your involvement with Wizkids like?  Did you have a good or bad feeling about what they were going to do with the game that you and James Ernest designed?

    Do you remember a favorite game piece you worked on?

    What were some of your ideas that never made it into the game?

    What other designers and artists did you work with?

    Do you have any knowledge on how Wizkids made the ships, and where they were made? (factory location/company name/etc.)

    Do you think it was a good idea from Wizkids to dive more into the fantasy concepts, or do you think they should have kept the game more historical?

    Does he recall any sets/plans or potential directions Wizkids had in the works?  Did you get the sense that Wizkids was fine with the game being one and done with no expansions?

    Did you ever play or have involvement with the SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) digital version?

    What are your favorite memories of Pirates CSG?

    What are things he would have changed in hindsight?

    How did you get out of Pirates?

    Where did it all go wrong with Pirates?

    What do you think is the biggest reason that Pirates CSG went out of print?

    Opinion on the effect of 2008 recession and general economics on the game?

    Do you have any idea how the Shuffling the Deck card game did in sales?

    Do you think the game has a chance to come back in the future? (despite licensing issues mentioned by Zev Schlasinger)

    How do you think it could come back – digital vs. physical?

    Do you happen to know exactly what patent concerns the rights to produce Pirates CSG? Have you had experience with the patents for other games expiring and being open to anyone reproducing the game?

    If Pirates CSG came back, would you want to return to it?

    What are you doing now?

    Where can people find you online?



    Were certain factions planned to have a certain style? Obviously the Corsairs were designed as a gold running faction and the Mercenaries were entirely battle focused, but I always felt like in the initial Spanish Main pack, the pirates were gold-focused, the Spanish were balanced, and the English were battle-focused. Then again this might just be based on what I happened to pull.



    Hmm, I think the factions were more like this:

    Spain: gold running

    England: battle

    France: balanced

    Pirates: balanced

    Corsairs: gold running



    Overall Spain is pretty balanced, but they have plenty of high-cargo ships and gold bonus abilities that make them perhaps slightly more to the treasure side than the French.  Spain also got a weird 5 master distribution, with some ludicrous ones at the top along with a bunch of stinkers or mediocre 5’s.  On the other hand the Pirates and French consistently got a lot of great (and somewhat similar) 5 masters.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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