Rules for Thought #20 – Is Repairing Too Slow?

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    Now that the Rules survey has some results (37 responses as of this post), I think it would be a good idea to discuss some various options in detail.

    Are there any changes you would recommend in regards to repair actions?

    I feel that repairing is often too slow. Additionally, our group rarely takes shipwrights because it is usually too dangerous to attempt to repair at sea. One easy fix to both of these problems would be to improve shipwrights so that they repair 2 masts when docked at  home island. Not sure how to fix shipwrights at sea, that might just be a problem with my local group/meta.

    This is a house rule I used in my Economy Edition game, and one that makes sense to me.  I don’t think shipwrights need a “fix” at sea.

    What do you think?


    I don’t think the fix at sea makes much sense either. I would rather the shipwright give his ship more utility without sacrificing flexibility. Right now, you can only repair at the cost of an entire turn, which if you need the repair in the first place, might be pretty risky because of the enemy that’s circling.

    I would rather the shipwright repair a single mast as a free action upon exploring an island. This way, ships can run away from the dangerous situation they’re in and repair. They’d have to dock, which makes more sense than just being able to repair anywhere since shipwrights would presumably need wood to make a replacement mast. This run and repair ability would be kept balanced by the fact that it’s not always guaranteed since it’s dependent on the existence of an island nearby. Docking would make it easy for a clever enemy to trap the wounded ship on the beach, and lastly, if the ship wants to fix more masts, it has to consume an entire turn with an explore ability, or dash for another island. I find it intriguing that island hopping would be a viable strategy here, with fast gunships repairing once every turn as they run from an enemy, and then swing back around to destroy their pursuers.

    Not sure if this would be 100% balanced, but I’m willing to try to convince my friends to try it so we can test it out. The shipwright doesn’t really seem like a good crew at the moment, so any fixes or buffs he’d get would be greatly appreciated.


    I would rather the shipwright make repairing a free action at sea, but if you use its ability it reduces ship speed to S and/or raises the rank of the guns for your turn. Crews can multitask!


    I’m not too sure about being allowed to repair at sea and also being allowed to move. There are too many ways that it could be abused, from a simple move and shoot after repairing to using an S boarding action, or even repairing, shooting a smokepot, and moving into the fog bank for invulnerability.


    I don’t want to create an OP ship combo but I do want shipwrights to be decent and worth including. That’s why I think tying the shipwright to an explore action is a better option: you won’t be able to heal unless you have an island nearby, and most ships won’t be able to shoot before moving so it’ll be a purely defensive action for that turn.


    Not sure if this would be 100% balanced, but I’m willing to try to convince my friends to try it so we can test it out.

    Let us know how it goes if you can!  I think it’s an intriguing idea.

    I think decreasing the cost of shipwrights to 1 point would help a bit, but I don’t like how that would retroactively mess with some past fleets.  Yet another potential house rule to try out!


    Maybe shiprights should be able to repair a mast while docked as a free action,in addition to their reguler ability as to give them more HI advantage and let them explore and repair(in my games shiprights only do well when their on the winning ship it would be nice to see a losing player break for an island for saftey)

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