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    This is the first Rules for thought thread since the potential closure of Miniature Trading came about in late August 2018.

    Now that the Rules survey has some results (36 responses as of this post), I think it would be a good idea to discuss some various options in detail.

    Most of the interesting responses and ideas have already been covered in the previous 15 threads at MT.  However, there are still some specific ideas I’d like to highlight, and the series could continue indefinitely if more survey results come in.

    I deal with unique treasure in an interesting way. I have my friend roll a die for each terrain and each result of 6 will contain a shipwreck that has a unique treasure on it.

    Although I like this idea, I’d want shipwrecks to be associated mostly with reefs, although foam icebergs can work well too.  I’ve played some games with shipwrecks and rolling for the reef can be a nice trade-off considering what gold might be on the wreck.  Although, I like to have a mix of gold and more than just 1 coin.

    Which keyword has caused you the most confusion? Why?

    Ghost ship. It’s not worth the point cost for the ability so my group usually plays it similar to submerging. The ship cannot shoot or be shot at.

    I wouldn’t mind trying out that house rule.  It seems to make sense – if a ship is truly a ghost ship, why should she be just as vulnerable to cannon damage?  However, in general I like to simply adjust point costs for any custom game pieces – ignore terrain at 1-2 points and Ghost Ship at about 3.

    Feel free to leave your own thoughts on these ideas.


    I like the shipwreck idea, right now in my games if any ship within S of an isle  sinks they become a wreck (shallow waters)


    I like the idea of giving Ghost Ship the submersible ability to ships. It’ll certainly make me want to use them a lot more, and it’ll make these ships more fun to use if you can treat them basically like submarines!


    I think Ghost Ship should be cheaper, not more powerful.  I do like the shipwreck idea though.


    I used to play Ghost Ship accidentally in the “submersible” way and it was just too powerful. So I was glad when I found out I was playing it wrong. I actually think that the effect is balanced as is, but maybe too expensive.

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