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    Rules & Guidelines

    (For further inquiries and information please refer to the Privacy Policy.)

    ** All members and guests are responsible for reading, knowing and following the information contained in the following rules and guidelines.

    A7XfanBen reserves the right, but does not assume the responsibility, to restrict communications in the form of posting and e-mails, which A7XfanBen deems to be harmful to members, guests, or this site.

    A7XfanBen does have free forums and has placed these forums on the site for member’s usage. A7XfanBen wishes all members to enjoy the forums, but with a few rules to follow:

    Prohibited Behavior (Forum):

    • Spamming.
    • Flaming.
    • Vulgar or rude language (e.g. racial, ethnic, sexist or religious)
    • Profanity or the “masking” of profanity, using alternative spelling, letters or spaces to get past the site’s profanity filters (e.g. kizmyazz).
    • Posting any sexually explicit material or any discussion of sexually explicit material.
    • Solicitation of any kind.
    • Posting of personal information with the intent to hurt, humiliate or embarrass.
    • Creating multiple accounts.

    -When you post a link, go to Link options and hit the checkbox for “Open link in a new tab”.

    Any violation of the above forum rules will be sufficient cause for A7XfanBen to take action against the violator. Those actions can be in the form of a warning up to and including removal from the site.

    If you run across any offending content, please report it immediately by emailing A7XfanBen at

    YOU are responsible for your conduct. You may be asked to remove your posting that is viewed as harmful to this site. If the removal does not occur in a timely fashion it will be viewed as a denial to correct and the posting as well as you will be removed from the site.

    Also, as a tip: always check the box for “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” so you can keep up on threads and responses.

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