Pirates CSG Podcast #42: MIKE SELINKER, Pirates CSG Game Designer!!!!

Pirates CSG Podcast #42: MIKE SELINKER, Pirates CSG Game Designer!!!!

You can listen to the audio via Anchor!

You can also listen on Archive.org: https://archive.org/details/PiratesCSGPodcast42MikeSelinker


Mike Selinker is one of the original game designers of Pirates CSG.

His company, Lone Shark Games: http://lonesharkgames.com/



Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Selinker

BGG page: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgamedesigner/604/mike-selinker

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikeselinker


Question of the Day: Do you wish the Dutch had been a faction from the start in Spanish Main?  Would you prefer them as one of the major factions in the game?

The list of questions from the Forum at Pirates with Ben: https://pirateswithben.com/forums/topic/submit-your-questions-for-pirates-designer-mike-selinker/


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  1. Having listened to a lot of interviews with Mike Selinker and multiple direct conversations with him at PaizoCon, GenCon, etc. one thing is absolutely certain – he has an really high opinion of himself. He likes to describe himself as an amazing game designer and brilliant rules developer. He has expressed numerous times that his games are some of the best ever published regardless of their actual success or any critical reviews. He’s a nice guy and very passionate, but also arrogant and self-important.

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