• A little finicky and I need to invest in a self healing cutting matt but… cardboard clone

    I am thinking of using a bamboo skewer on a future for the masts one although the mast tabs into it fine. I just think a skewer would look more like a mast and but almost unbreakable 🙂

    The fore deck and upper deck are not cardboard. but the hull and main deck are……[Read more]

  • I will give it a try eventually, it was just a brainstorm I had on the way home. Those are interesting ships there, mast saccing? I have been working to clean out a space to put a full sized 6 or 7 foot table to make a nice sized playmat 🙂

    I will probably make myself a proxy 10 master if my experiments in cardboard ships turn out 😉

  • I went back and read that wreck/adrift and i would say yes it is similar, but his seems aligned and part of the players fleet from the start as opposed to a treasure to race/win/fight over.

    “The one part I don’t like is the free bonus for Mercenaries.”

    Actually the old home island stays in play that is where the new ships would show up, hard t…[Read more]

  • Starting with the point cost of n/a is because it doesn’t start in any persons fleet so there would be no counting the points in build total. The derelict tag would function more akin to fort gold cost then build points, instead of buying it with gold you would have to salvage it with moves and time. It might actually get fought over while towing…[Read more]

  • I have not thought much about new custom ships until tonight as I drove home, I got to thinking about possible interesting mechanics that might be fun and came up with this, I tried not to over power it and gave it one faction specific ability. This ship literally starts unowned and without masts and must be towed to a home island to acquire…[Read more]

  • Just got my 4 OE Value packs in with the 4 different SE pre-builts was a couple nice surprises in them. First box I opened was the ship with the most parts ‘fallen off’ managed to fish all the missing parts except for the black pennant on top out of the box, not only was the pennant missing but 024 Pioneer was missing the whole rear mast off the…[Read more]

  • Cardstock is plenty sturdy at these sizes with the advantage that it doesn’t just break off a tab immediately.  You need the dense stuff and not the more light cardboard I would assume. A creative person might even be able to modify building styles to take into account of the fact you can bend card stock more.

    As for the collectible statement,…[Read more]

  • I think I will take some cards down to the local print store tomorrow and print out a test ship or two


  • What about a way to DIY ships, I imagine some paper printed out and glued to a nice cardstock could make some nice sturdy ships. In fact cardstock would just not randomly break like the styrene… you could not however store it in a cup of water 😉

    Imagine new “expansions” of the game instead of packs you buy but a picture pack you download and…[Read more]

  • Oh, I have parts of DJC 135 super rare Mistwalker, I have the deckplate head and two loops. I am missing the water oval the tail and second card blank.

    Either I am needing the tail and water oval of Mistwalker.. or I have the parts available for someone who might need some.


  • Ahh a parts thread

    Biggest parts I am looking for at the moment is a set of empty deckplates for a djc SE boneyard.

    And I have a small pile of beaters ships if someone wants them, they are all missing masts or parts here and there.


  • So do I.. I think I may have over-complicated myself getting tubs full of ships and cards and am now confused where to start lol…

    Well that is other then start looking for places to not go broke getting more stuff for it 🙂

    I have been downloading various pdf rulesets I have found around here and other sites. we will see how it goes. I am a…[Read more]

  • Hello there,

    I recently got introduced to this game by finding a box of ships and cards sat on the top shelf of a local Goodwill. I found the first small storage tote a week back and dug into it sorting and recarding what I could so the mass of ships were not overbearing. It seemed to be primarily davys curse with some mysterious islands. A few…[Read more]

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