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    I have played 10 or so games of pirates now and I’m having fun but I would like to know how other people play. I’ll start, ive played the reguler 40 point fleets and 5 coins that equal 15 & 80 point fleets with 10 coins that equal 30, then I started playing with the whaling scenario with a twist that we start with just a 1 last ship with 1 cargo base move s,5s cannons ,but we can buy ships and crew with our whaling cash. it was a hit with my group so now im working on somthing a little more complex.


    Can you provide more details on your whaling scenario? That sounds interesting!


    I only have one person I consistently play pirates with just to be clear. (Although I consider myself fortunate since some people don’t have a consistent play group.

    We usually play game types of 80+ point totals with a large amount of gold ~20-40 gold pieces with no specific total. (We definitely play a little loose with the Wizkids rules and set up but keep the keywords consistent with the code for the most part. For example islands may be strung together or closer than what Wizkids says it should be. Adding large amounts of terrain ect.)

    The other game type we play is a “campaign” like setup where we determine a number of rounds or gold to be gathered and slowly build up fleets by purchasing them with gold corresponding to their point cost. Each time the round ends we move all ships back to HI and reset gold, perhaps change terrain. Then keep going. This keeps the campaign game from going on for days ( so it’s not a real campaign game as we see several veterans here report on) but a multi hour single game with various stages is fun.

    Perhaps campaign is a bad adjective but that is what we usual describe it as.


    That at is usually how we play. We often like large games so we can play around with different strategies both outrageous and strategic. Once I made a sub only fleet which I barely lost with. (Didn’t use Mobilis Ben so that’s why I probably lost)


    I usually play the standard 4 island, 40 point, 30 gold game. I’ve done plenty of campaign type games before where gold can be exchanged for crew/ships of equal point value.


    Thar She Blows!

    there are no wild islands. Lay out a home island for each player (at least 5L apart), and build your fleets as usual. (For the fleets we chose to have an equal start of the exact same ships at least 1 single mast at most 3 single mast and 1 five mast)Each player contributes the normal amount of treasure coins (no unique treasures…we played with uniques but they were custom), which are set aside, face-down.(for our games we mirror each others Hi & put a loose ring of sargosso 2L away from HI so we know once we enter the seas we can whale)

    This scenario adds a fifth kind of orders a ship can be given: Whaling. Your ship must be at least 2L from any island, and 1L from all other ships, to get these orders. If you give a ship Whaling orders, it remains motionless, and you roll a die for that ship.


    1.If the ship has no treasure, nothing happens. If it does have treasure on board, it is rammed by a whale! Roll another die, and remove that many treasure coins from the ship. If you run out of treasure, start removing masts. If you rolled a 6, the ship loses all its cargo and becomes derelict.

    2.Nothing in sight but seagulls. Your on edge so +1 to next your whaling roll

    3.An experienced crew can find whales where landlubbers see only the ocean. If your ship has treasure aboard, treat this roll as a 5 (see below); if not you saw somthing over here +1 to your next whaling roll

    4.Nantucket sleigh ride! Roll a die. If it comes up 1-3, the whale got away; if 4-6, you caught the whale (as if you’d rolled a 5, as below).

    5.You caught a whale! Add 1 treasure coin, chosen at random, to this ship’s cargo.

    6.You found a pod of whales! Fill your ship’s cargo holds with treasure coins.

    Explorer crew function as expert lookouts. Perched in the crow’s nest and searching for whales, an Explorer lets you add +1 to a ship’s die rolls for Whaling if it has no treasure on board. Explorers can’t help with a Nantucket-sleigh-ride roll.

    All the other usual rules apply. On top of all that we also played with the buy ships and crew with the gold you earn but with a twist.(post is long will mention the twist if asked about)


    Wow, I was just about to play test somthing like the rounds. It would be like seasons,play 4 seasons of whaling for example it would be four 12 turn seasons and the winner of the most of them(add gold totals together for ties) wins the game,but thats really cool because it gives opportunity to the loser to mover fogs,seas, ice bergs,malestorms or any other terrain that would make sense to move.


    I would like to know how other people play.

    I like to change things up.  I’ve played well over 400 games, with build totals from 10 points to 500.  My favorite of course are huge games.  I recommend you check out Game Ideas.

    Perhaps campaign is a bad adjective but that is what we usual describe it as.

    From the sounds of it that makes sense.  Any game where gold is used to purchase new ships and crew can be described as a campaign.  I haven’t tried resetting the map/ship locations before each session, but that’s something that CCM has done.

    I’ve done plenty of campaign type games before where gold can be exchanged for crew/ships of equal point value.

    Any memorable moments or specifics you remember?  Love hearing about CG’s.

    Let’s give credit where it’s due: looks like CCM came up with the whaling scenario.


    Yes CCM had alot of great ideas all my grlip altered from his scenario was the +1 if nothing happens because we saw a person whale for 4 turns in a row and get nothing(that’s alright but then we saw that happen multiple times throughout the game so it became very boring especially in a “quick”15 turn game)

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