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    Davy Jones

    Last week, I was happy and astatic to win an eBay auction that had almost every single Barbary Coast Corsair ship and Crew. I live in an apartment complex and usually when we get big packages the mailman either leaves it at the office or gets a key from the office and leaves the key in our smaller mailbox and leaves the package in a bigger mailbox with the designated key number.


    Well today I come to find out that my package was delivered at 8:50 am, at my door step… or so it says on the tracking. I left for work at 9:20 am and didn’t see anything on my way out, I checked my mailbox, nothing as well…


    You guys ever have stuff like this happen to you? It’s just disappointing that I have to deal with USPS and the eBay seller AND I’m probably not going to get the Corsair lot. If it was something easily replaced then I wouldn’t be as bummed out but Corsairs are hard to find and I waited all day and was looking forward to coming home and unboxing the lot..


    Not really mate. I’ve certainly had that anxiety when something particularly treasured or valuable seems to get ‘stuck’ on route or is left visible on my door step. Only ever had one item go missing while in the post, but it appeared a month later. Never had anything stolen thank goodness, but my neighbours have had a few delivery that were actually for me.

    Sucks badly. It’s also a pain for the eBay seller who may end up out of an item and with no money or compensation. Not to mention that there is a set of ships floating around somewhere, likely unappreciated. Hope you can resolve it satisfactorily for everyone (or better yet, the package gets to you anyway).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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