Best Music for Pirates Games

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    What is your favorite music to play during games of Pirates CSG?  (if any)

    Obviously it’s pretty much impossible to top the Pirates of the Caribbean music.  However, since that gets my live streams and youtube videos copyright-deleted very quickly, I’ve turned to some other options when recording a VASSAL game, most of which have been great.

    We live in a great age for composers, so it’s no surprise that there’s a ton of awesome stuff readily available.

    Here are some played during VASSAL Campaign Game 1:

    Main mix 
    Mix 2 
    Mix 3 
    Mix 4 

    Celtic 1 
    Celtic 2 

    Just a simple search for “epic music mix” on youtube gives a ton of results with many hours of content worth listening to.  I love how it improves my games, to the point where I sometimes prefer music over actually talking about what’s going on in The Hourly Campaign.  The Adventure Begins is absolutely fantastic and one I’ve heard many times.  I’ve sort of made Alive by Phil Lober the unofficial theme song for the start of VASSAL campaign games, having played it during CG1/CG2, and played it at the outset of CG3.

    For something really intense, check out Mechanize, Vol. 1: Industrial Hybrid Rock Tracks by Atom Music Audio.  I still need to get more actual classical music in my games/streams, but Marche Slave is one of my absolute favorites in that realm.

    Feel free to share your favorites!


    Some tracks I enjoy would include the Dropkick Murphys, some Muse, and some E.S. Posthumus.

    The soundtrack from Master And Commander may provide you with some inspiration….


    Some tracks I enjoy would include the Dropkick Murphys, some Muse, and some E.S. Posthumus.

    The soundtrack from Master And Commander may provide you with some inspiration….

    Thanks for the recommendations!  I love Shipping up to Boston. (guess you could play it when using the Boston schooner haha)  Hopefully I’ll check the others out soon.  I enjoyed Master and Commander, though it had a bit less action than I prefer.  It’s been a while though so a refresher on the music would be cool.


    If you are willing to go  a bit unconventional, the themes to Star Trek First Contact or Voyager are simply stunning. You cannot go wrong with some Jerry Goldsmith!


    I’ve always found the soundtrack for Conan the Barbarian works nicely for game sessions of all kinds. Though, in the proper crowd, the music can be a bit distracting. People grunting and barbaric threats pertaining to the lamentation of children and all.


    And talk about being distracted. This gets a lot of play in my gaming circle. The Empire Strikes Back



    @Chris: Listened to the Muse song, not bad.  Reminded me of this song (at least the vocals).  Also a slight bit of Dream Theater vibes, which is good.  The E.S. Posthumus song was nice.

    @Rick: Put the Conan the Barbarian soundtrack on my “to listen to” list.  Star Wars music is great.  🙂


    I’ve taken recently to listening to Adrian von Zeigler, I used two of his compositions in the island making video. Other than him I’ve discovered Antti Martikainen.  I quite enjoy the Hymn of the High Seas, along with his other pirate themed music.

    Other things I listen to (during games and not) include the Glitch Mob, Irish  music in general, some selections by Clamavi de Profundis, mostly their covers of Tolkien poems/songs. Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean also make appearances, though those depend on my mood.


    I’ve taken recently to listening to Adrian von Zeigler, I used two of his compositions in the island making video. Other than him I’ve discovered Antti Martikainen.

    I knew I remembered that first name from somewhere.  They were two of the composers I/we listened to during CG1.  I’ll have to get them up during THC sometime.

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