A 2020 Pirates Initiative?

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    I have an idea:
    Everyone that enjoys Pirates CSG could do one Pirates-related thing in 2020 that they’ve been putting off for a while or have always wanted to do!

    Examples include:
    -Playing a specific type of game for the first time
    -Finishing a custom ruleset
    -Building a table or ocean to play on
    -Buying a booster box
    -Teaching someone how to play
    -Trying out a digital version of the game, whether that be the VASSAL module, Tabletop Simulator, or your own creation
    -Make a custom game piece (whether your first custom in terms of stats, or your first physical creation)

    Who’s down?


    If you’re struggling to think of an idea for you, try to remember that time you may have commented “I’ll definitely have to try this sometime” or “maybe someday”, especially if it was at Miniature Trading for example.  😀


    My wife is sewing/quilting a playmat for me complete with non-skid backing. I plan on teaching her the game once that is finished.


    I would love to buy another booster box! There’s something so cathartic about cracking 36 packs! I am also considering buying a plunder pack- I currently have no 10 masters,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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