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    This is informal and everyone can just submit their own favorite contributions from the year if you want!

    If you’d like to nominate certain items for the various categories, please do so.  We can vote in this thread as well.  I’m completely fine if people just post their favorite submission for the year in each category.  Right now I don’t have time to go through all the criteria and try to make a list of each, and low turnout in the past doesn’t help.  I think it could be fun to make it a little bit competitive and try to one-up the person who posted before you in this thread (even if it’s just one category).

    2018 version for reference

    Fleet of the Year: American Pirates 2  (from this binge back in March)

    Picture of the Year: As always a ton to choose from, but a few in particular stand out.  This one is from my 6×150 game.

    6x150 endgame chaos

    ZEUS SMASH!  From Legend of the Giant Turtle. (from the opposite angle)

    LoGT game

    Game of the Year: 6×150

    Video of the Year: Building the Zeus got the most views for 2019 videos on my channel, but I was also happy to record a fair bit of physical gameplay at various points throughout the year.  Among others, Xerecs had the CoEC 2019 Finale.

    Podcast of the Year: A lot of great ones this year, but I have to go with #42, the episode with Mike Selinker. (YouTube for videoShoutEngine for audio)

    Other categories that are “up for grabs”:

    Miniature Review of the Year

    Thread of the Year (maybe the 3D printing threads at the Facebook group)

    Deal of the Year (feel free to submit your own “best deal” you got; the Black Friday sales at HWG were pretty good with multiple 36 pack boxes/lots going for $48 or $54)

    Event of the Year (Podcast #50 had about 5 call-in guests; I met up with Captain Randy for a physical game)



    I see no reason not to make this all about me so….

    Fleet of the Year: Post Revolutionary War themed American fleet. I’ll have to post a report one day, but it consisted of USS Thomas Jefferson, USS James Madison (SCS), Constitution (RV) and Aaron Burr

    Picture of the Year: one of my favorites to set up (even if it was the post that had my poor turtle ship technique called out! They have since been fixed… haha)

    I’m also partial to the pregame map from my IRL game with The Keymaster

    Game of the Year: My Armistice Day event scenario!! Not only did everything fall into place nice and thematically, it ended with a nail-biting 96-96 gold tie. A unique end to a unique game!

    Video of the Year: Ben’s All 6 10 Masters video! There are plenty of informative videos, but this is just monumental and a beautiful sight. One day…One day!

    Podcast of the Year: Well, I’d like to say #49……but #50 was pretty dope. Felt like a big Holiday Party for the crew!

    Event of the Year: As pictured above…first physical game with a community pal! We shall call it…The Surge of Treasure Island or Ben & Randy’s Funtime Adventure?

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    I’m also partial to the pregame map from my IRL game with The Keymaster

    O_O  When I saw this sentence in the email notification without the image under it, I was thrown for a massive loop.  XD  I’m pretty sure there was a user at Miniature Trading with that exact username (The Keymaster) who wasn’t the admin or anything.  I figured you must have played another physical game with someone else from the community.  XD

    Your Armistice Day game was certainly a classic.  Thanks for the link to my video.

    Ben & Randy’s Funtime Adventure

    I like that better, especially with the pinball and Mandalay Bay shenanigans after.  Maybe next time will be “The Commandeering of the Treasure Island Ships”.  XD

    Thanks for posting here!

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