Señor Frog’s in Las Vegas – Game with Captain Randy!

For the first time, I played a physical game of Pirates CSG with another member of the Pirates community!  Captain Randy lives in Las Vegas, which coincided perfectly with my week long vacation there!!  😀

I was trying to pack light, so I wouldn’t have much on hand.  However, reusing a box I received in a trade with PirateAJ14, I was able to bring 4 English ships, their deckplates, and my entire plastic bag of English crew chips for use in the game.  Randy supplied the islands and gold (as well as his own fleet), and we got to talking!

Randy suggested the perfect place to play – at Señor Frog’s just outside of Treasure Island, right on the water near the two sailing ships they used to use for a pirate show!  With the water and fountains in the background I made sure to try and get some very unique pictures.  Check out HMS Dauntless “on” the water!  🙂

We have to thank Señor Frog’s for hosting us!  And once again I thank Randy for actually buying something so it didn’t look like we were just there to play the game!  XD

Señor Frog's in Las Vegas - Game with Captain Randy

All the ships I brought:

We decided to do a 60 point game.  I went with some good English ships and crew, with all of them moving at the same speed.

English fleet

How bizarre!!  Playing a game of Pirates CSG… in the desert… on a fake pond… with the epic Palazzo in the background!?  O_O

Pirates CSG in Las Vegas

In a dry region we had found our oasis:

We placed 6 wild islands along with a bunch of terrain.

I rolled to go first, and fittingly enough I was wearing my HMS Victory shirt to a game where I was playing the English!

English fleet at home island

Captain Randy had a nice Spanish fleet with plenty of named crew.

La Resolucion + Luis Zuan (RotF captain version), Master Gunner Rogelio Vazquez, Joaquin Vega (linked), helmsman

El Principe de Asturias + Master Bianco, captain, helmsman, explorer

San Pedro

Spanish fleet in Las Vegas

The English sailed out, with fountains and lights blazing in the background:

The Empress of India was the first ship to reach an island.  Making the situation even more unique, the sun was setting as we played!

HMS Empress of India

I was going to send the Oxford to an island closer to my home island, but decided it would be better to try and take control of the middle area.  She headed for the middle island, while the Dauntless abandoned the Empress of India (all my ships with captains however) and whirled to the “southwest”.

The weather in LV was PERFECT.  The Empress of India just needed to avoid getting hit with a water spout!  XD

The opportunity for some crazy pictures presented itself.  Here’s the Empress of India with the huge Palazzo hotel and casino in the background:

Empress of India and Palazzo in Vegas

The ship to our left seemed quite operational, with her lines and rigging lighting up the night:

The Principe and San Pedro gathered gold, while La Resolucion potentially looked to take on one of the larger English ships.

As the Empress of India docks home 2 coins, you can see part of the epic Venetian in the background.  The glass partition almost looks like purple water on the horizon.

As darkness descended, the game started to get more interesting.  The Dauntless did not whirl back to the north, as Thomas Gunn the Younger feared a quick strike by La Resolucion.  However, the Durham might not make it home in time….

With the Durham carrying home a full island’s worth of gold, the Spanish strike!  The Resolucion didn’t do a lot of damage, but it opened the combat!

Now we had a real night game going on!

HMS Durham pulled off a nice maneuver to save herself and comrades, simultaneously docking home her 4 coins, shooting at the Resolucion (no hits due to Joaquin Vega), and blocking the Spaniard from attacking the other English ships on the next turn (unless she wanted to brave the reef).

HMS Durham pulls blocking duty

A turn later, and the “moon” was lighting up our game table.  🙂

Masts both big and small!

Now it was the Durham’s turn to shine in front of the Palazzo:

Palazzo Las Vegas from Senor Frog's

Too loud for much video, but I wanted to try!  😀

We talked about commandeering their vessel, but thought better of it when we didn’t see any sails on her.  XD

The Durham takes the fight to the Spanish!  She only eliminates one mast from the Resolucion, who retaliates by shooting and ramming!

Down go all four of the Durham’s masts! (she also lost her oarsman in the boarding party)

HMS Dauntless docked home a few coins, with Thomas Gunn eyeing the Resolucion with revenge….

But maybe a fountain would take them out first?

The Empress docked home another load of gold, while the Dauntless maneuvered to tow the Durham…

… and dismast the Resolucion!

Thomas Gunn completed the battle by capturing the Resolucion:

With the lighted ship conveniently lighting up our game table, the Dauntless went back to towing the Durham.

Had to get a shot of the biggest ship in play with her masts lined up with the masts of the ship in the background:

HMS Dauntless in Las Vegas

The English had won the battle, but will they win the gold race?

Soon afterwards, we had emptied all the islands!

My English totaled 36 gold:

Captain Randy’s Spanish finished with 30 gold:

My English had won a 36-30 victory!  It was a solid game, and a more fun time than it may look like here.

Thanks again to Randy for the game, the podcast we did after, driving me around, and the pinball!  😀

We Pirates had a grand old time!  😀

A7XfanBen and Randy in Las Vegas

Here are some more pics from the travels.

HMS Dauntless against the Palazzo:

Here is the ship we played closest to, with the Wynn in the background:

The same shot at night:

Señor Frog’s at Treasure Island!

Señor Frog's in Las Vegas - Game with Captain Randy

A shop in the Treasure Island hotel had some goodies that would be perfect for games.  Treasure chests for coins… or a big skull with a coin slot in the top that could be put on pillars/stilts so the gold would come out the bottom and land on an island below.

Pirates of the Caribbean pinball!

Pirates of the Caribbean pinball machine

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