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On Nemo’s Plans with Runes of Thor:

Similar applies to these.   You could use it against a ram roll, then a boarding roll, and then a single shoot action roll, but you can’t use it on every single die rolled during a single shoot action.

The discussion from 2020 gave me the impression that this couldn’t be done.  Is there something I’m missing?

No, definitely use that previous ruling instead.   I knew it had been covered at one point, but couldn’t remember what it was and I was interpreting what I’d written in the PC years earlier.    The entry needs to be rewritten to be more clear and specific.

I’d prefer to avoid calling out a bunch of other UTs specifically by name under the Nemo’s Plans entry, but maybe that’s necessary?

What other questionable ones are out there that need it, besides the Runes and the Cross?



Here’s a revised version of the text.  Does this help clear things up a little better for general usage?

-If a UT applies to, modifies, or is triggered by a specific action it may be used once, each time that action occurs.

-If a UT applies immediately upon being found and/or provides an action directly to a ship, it may be used once during each of your own turns.

-If a UT is loaded facedown and can be revealed voluntarily later, including as a response to an opponent’s actions or effects (such as a die roll), it can be used once per round.