Circle of Blood by Riz

Circle of Blood: (Riz)

Riz wrote:
Players design 100 pt fleets, mixed nations allowed. The privateer for the battle sets up islands in a pattern along the lines of this…


Link to photo album with pictures detailing the setup. (Black – wild islands, Orange – wild islands (with optional forts defending the gold), Green – terrain, White – neutral sea creatures, Yellow – Player 1, Red – Player 2)

Circle of Blood scenario by Rizz the Bloody/Bloody Riz

Riz wrote:
Now for the good stuff. Place 4 randomly selected gold coins, and 1 randomly grabbed UT on each island. No one has a home island at this time. The first island each player explores will become their new home island; all gold on that island is automatically theirs, as is the UT, apply the UT effect if applicable.

After both players take a turn, then the creatures get a turn. Each time the creatures get a turn, roll a d6 for each creature still alive, compare this number to a fog bank in play, the creature will move its full move in the direction rolled. If it encounters an island, iceberg, reef, or Sargasso Sea, it will stop moving until its next turn (ignore fogbanks for creature movement). At the beginning of a creatures turn, if ANY ship is within any attack range for the creature (this is checked before movement), instead of moving it will attack that ship (or the closest ship if more than one is in range). It will continue to attack this ship until either; 1 it is out of range, 2 it is destroyed, or 3 another ship moves closer.

Since the gold is a randomly selected amount, there is no “half way” rule for ending the game, it will continue until there is no gold left, or only one player remains (this puts HI raiders at a premium). Another variant we do here is throw four NPC forts out on the islands marked in orange.

These forts will fire under any of the following conditions; a ship of a non-matching faction moves into range or ANY ship attempts to dock at the island. The forts will fight until destroyed, and defend their gold and UT at all costs.


This is a very fun scenario that would work with more than 2 players. In fact, the more players, the more fun it would get I imagine. For an idea of how the game plays out, here is a Battle Report.

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