Set Quality of the Cards – From Spanish Main to Savage Shores

From a discussion at Miniature Trading in 2016

Set Quality of the Cards

xeriousone wrote:
As I understood it the lamination process continued to change through the whole process from PotSM to PotSS.

I’ve noticed that a lot of the sets have slight differences. To me, BC was the highest-quality. The cards were beautiful, didn’t chip, didn’t get fingerprints easily (like some of the CC cards), and a lot of times the ships were remarkably easy to build, not difficult but not too loose either.

SM-faded print run
CC-some print runs fingerprint easily
RV-similar to CC but better (for me at least)
BC-no problems whatsoever
SCS-For me this one was great
DJC-awful print runs followed by great cards in the later print runs
MI-ships feel tougher to assemble and possibly more brittle/less give
FN/OE-similar to MI
PotC-big changes in design, cards and ships great but slightly less glossy
RotF-inside of packs changed considerably, and cards even less glossy than before (different lamination process/etc)
F&S/SS-similar to RotF

For me at least, there was a large change starting with DJC (my SCS cards and ships are fantastic), which continued through OE. Then things changed again with PotC and RotF, which generally continued through to the end.

If I can remember correctly, I would estimate that RV and possibly F&S/SS were the most “average” sets in terms of quality of the cards/ships, etc, with a bunch of the sets having specific good or bad points about them.

These are replies in the thread “Anyone have information on Chinese factory Wizkids used?”

xerecs wrote:
Why do you want to know what factory Wizkids used to make the ships? Thinking about trying to make your own ships?

Well, it’s a mystery. I like mysteries. I also like when mysteries are solved. Set Quality

Not even Woelf has any clue, so it’s an interesting topic, even if it doesn’t (or can’t) really go anywhere.

Wouldn’t we all like to make our own ships? Heh, some kind of stickers are the most cost-effective method, but I’ve almost never even thought of designing actual artwork for my customs. I’d rather just play. Set Quality

What is your experience regarding the set quality of the cards that Wizkids produced?  I’d love to read your comments below!

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