My Single Year Plays Record

From Miniature Trading in October 2016

My Single Year Plays Record


A game in progress during VASSAL Tournament #2.

Wow! After last night’s 5 games played with xerecs on the VASSAL module as part of Tournament #2, I’ve tied my plays record for a single year at a whopping 75!

My plays by month

Year/ # of plays per year
2011: 32
2012: 58
2013: 75
2014: 28
2015: 56
2016: 75 (finished with 92; update below)

2011 was essentially half a year’s worth of playing, since I mostly did HFS’s prior to June 2011. Things ramped up soon afterwards, culminating in a whopping (I love that word lol) 75 in 2013. February 2013 still stands as my most active month, with 43 total plays. That was partly because of a tournament and the Acorazado vs. Endeavour one-day deathmatch series. After 26 plays last month I’ve got 16 so far this month, putting me on pace for about 30 (likely less though). The 43 plays in a month isn’t likely to be broken anytime soon. My Single Year Plays Record My Single Year Plays Record However, it makes me wonder which month was my highest for total hours playing Pirates. It could certainly be June 2015, since I played Economy Edition nearly every day, and the game literally started on 5/31 and ended on 7/1, almost perfectly encompassing the whole month of June.

2014 was like my “dark year”. I was less active in terms of playing (with less plays than even 2011), as well as other piratical activities. 2014 was also the only year I didn’t play a huge campaign game (regular in 2011, RISK in 2012, CotE in 2013, EE in 2015, CG1/CG2 in 2016). I then rebounded in a huge way in 2015, and expected to hit around 50-60 plays this year, which would establish ~55 as the number I would shoot for in future years (indeed, my average is 54 per year right now). (Since 2011, 2013, and 2014 were aberrations.) But, the World game has been delayed, leading to two big tournaments! The tournaments are definitely the biggest factor leading to the new record, and it’s quite possible 2016 will be my biggest year for a long time, possibly ever, in terms of total games played! I might hit triple digits! Shocked

I record plays on BGG when a decision is reached (aka the game ends), so technically I’ve already broken my record because CG2 hasn’t been recorded yet! Smile Though, the record will “officially” be broken soon, likely with the next T2 game, which funny enough features Norvegia heh.

I like numbers and statistics (*at least for Pirates stuff! lol), so I wanted to make this thread. It also previews some of the end-of-year stuff I have planned. Very Happy


2019 Update

I actually finished 2016 with a whopping 92 plays, which stands as my single year plays record.  2017 was another big year with 76 total plays, making it my second highest single year for plays.  2018 was another dark year but almost inevitable given that the VASSAL tournaments were over and I wasn’t in a position to play many physical games either.  However, I’m glad I’ve been able to do considerable campaign game playing recently, and hope to continue that with The Hourly Campaign.

My Single Year Plays Record

My numbers updated through the end of 2018

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