Savage Shores anniversary game

Xerecs and I played a 60 point game on the VASSAL module to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Savage Shores, which was released on November 5th 2008.  Check out this post for a reflection on the set.  I do hope to do a proper text and picture battle report for this incredible game at some point, but I don’t have time yet.  Check out Savage Shores on eBay!

Savage Shores 10th anniversary game

Savage Shores 10th anniversary game

After all the craziness, Xerecs’ mixed fleet prevailed over my English by a score of 18-7.

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  1. Hey, Ben. I just flicked through this video to get a feel for the game. I’m surprised to hear both of you commenting on new ideas and strategies. I guess, as with every good game, that there is always something more to learn. Happy pirating! Cheers.

  2. Hi again Andrew! There is definitely a lot to learn with Pirates CSG. In this particular game we used a special type of island (the Great Turtles) that I had never used before. You can move them instead of moving your ships! Which makes for quite the unique gameplay aspect. Even after 400+ games of Pirates (I’ve been playing since 2011), I do still learn new things sometimes! Makes the game even better and last night’s was truly bizarre and fun.

    For an overview of how the game works, my youtube tutorial would help:

    Great to see you here again.

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