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Best eBay Memories

My best eBay memories range from 2011 up until the present day.  I remember getting outbid by “snipers” for a while back in 2011. Since then I generally place what my actual “max bid” would be for an item, and then wait. Depending on the circumstances I’ll go a little past the previous max, but usually not too much.  Check out my eBay history spreadsheet for a look at historical prices, mostly from auctions.

These are what I would call my best purchases, from my Pirates CSG document I update. I always like to think about what I’m paying in terms of the Price per Ship. These numbers don’t include the shipping costs, but some of them were free shipping.

2/13/11: Lot Spanish Main 311 Cards: $20.50 (contained 104 ships, so $.20 or 20 cents per ship) (For context, the price per ship used to be $2 at $3.99 per pack, nowadays it can be found for as low as $.50 at $1 per pack of OE. It’s also fun to do ships per dollar, so in this case each dollar gave me 5 ships.)

7/5/11: Lot of 97 ships: $26.00 ($.27/ship)

3/10/15: SS lot of 54 ships: $16.56 ($.31/ship)
3/31/15: F&S lot of 146 ships: $9.99 ($.07/ship, my best ever ratio.  Also rounds up to 15 ships per dollar spent.)

9/5/2015: Lot of 434 ships: $70 ($.16/ship, also the largest number of ships I’ve acquired from a single transaction)

A new calculation after combining the above numbers:
$143.05/835 ships=$.17/ship! (Also about 6 ships per dollar spent)

Those are the results of my long-term “deal-hawking”, though these are the highlights of course. Most other times I’ve had to pay between $.50-$1.50 per ship in general, though of course the 10 masters would skew the numbers if I was able to do an all-time calculation, which I can’t because I haven’t recorded all of the other minor purchases and whatnot. The listings of 2015 were true deals, as I’m a bit more hesitant to spend nowadays with a much larger collection, not to mention that all three of those lots (as well as the purchases from HWG and RainTyger made in August) were generally purchases to be given away.

What are your favorite Pirates CSG eBay memories and purchases?  Please feel free to comment below!

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