Adventure Book Unboxing – Full Reveal

Adventure Book Unboxing

I have acquired the Adventure Book from J_ARRRRR_P!  A big thank you to her for offering to sell it to me.  Here are the contents!  Videos and scans below!  Courtesy of BBachman, here is a Compendium PDF of Adventure Book scans and pics!


Courtesy of Darrel Rustvold’s site, a better image of the artwork for the 4 new ships can be found here.

Scans of the Adventure Book itself

Story reveal for The Greatest Prize:

UNBOXING THE MOTHERLODE | Massive Pirates CSG Collection Haul


Documenting my hoarding habits from purchases made in the time period of November 2020 through September 2021.  Most of it is contained within this youtube playlist, with 18 separate videos showing the stuff I got!

Before it was all unveiled.  The 11 boxes totaled 138 pounds!!

Phase 1 Comics and Games order:

Phase 1 Comics and Games order

The same order at the bottom right.  8 Ocean’s Edge Special Edition boxes from the UK at left, Troll and Toad order at upper right.

Packs of SM, RV, and OE along with some Plunder Packs:

Pirates CSG Packs

Super awesome to get a set of Revolution from Holofernes himself. (one of the most legendary and complete supercollectors ever, and the main editor behind the Wikipedia page for the game as far as I know)

Holofernes Revolution complete set binder

Finished the boxes with one from Matt L.  Quite excited to finally get most of the CC LE’s, MI SR’s, the Independence and HMS Mirage.

This weekend it took quite a while to get everything sorted and organized.  My way of organizing ships is by faction (based on a combination of history, preference, and size), then mast count (biggest to smallest), then ship type (ex: 5 masted square rigged before giant squids), then set (chronological), then collector’s number.  In this way, English 5 masters from SM would be the first ships in my collection, followed by those from CC and so on until the 4 masters start with SM again.

Here are some in progress sorting pics.  The big stack at lower left is 133 Unique Treasures.  Left of that are a bunch of Ocean’s Edge megacard ships, with punched deckplates above those.  In the middle section are each faction’s ship and crew piles, with the huge stacks at the back being the second stacks of unpunched ships for each of the Big 5 factions.

Sorting English ships by mast count:

Absolutely ridiculous towering stacks of unpunched ships and crew:

styrene cards

This is after I got the Big 5 into a 5000 count storage box.  The box can hold over 1000 ships, as it is not full here with 970 unpunched ships in it.  For now I thought it would be fitting to store the UT’s in the treasure chest tin.  🙂

Pirates CSG storage

I’ve always wanted to have a massive card box full of Pirates stuff after seeing artisturn’s collection, and here it is!  Almost 1000 ships!  O_O

970 Pirates CSG ships in 5000 count storage box

And now it is time!  The full grand pictures!



The Motherlode (Pirates CSG)

Unboxing the Motherlode The Motherlode (Pirates CSG)

The Numbers

Unboxing the Motherlode final stats

So there you have it.  870 packs, 3109 ships including over 1100 not even in packs, 509 crew, 133 UT’s, and a dream come true.

I think this concludes UNBOXING THE MOTHERLODE.  XD   I am officially a Hoarder!!

How I Got My 10 Masters

How I Got My 10 Masters

Most of this post is from 2017, when it was originally posted to Miniature Trading.  Most of these average prices come from the time I wrote the post.

My 10 master story starts at Pojo, where sariouriel (the creator of Century of the Empires no less) linked to some Amazon stuff. From there I found a Plunder Pack for $25 (the original price I believe), which at the time was an absolute steal because the Delusion was going for over $60 a couple times on eBay. That was in February 2012.

Soon after that on eBay:

4/15/12: Shui Xian: $19.00
5/25/12: Baochuan: $26.02

Last December I became the forum moderator and xeriousone teamed up with wantkrakens to give me a very generous gift – the SCS SR’s from xeriousone, and the Celtic Fury from wantkrakens. An example of hard work and dedication paying off unintentionally for some extra unexpected benefit. And thus, my fourth 10 master.

Last week godmason posted an eBay lot on the subreddit, which I snatched almost immediately because I was afraid someone else would buy it first since it looked like such a good deal. Along with 60+ other ships including some very rare stuff, I had a bargain Guichuan. Broken, but already repaired and ready for action. #5!

I think my history of buying 10 masters is possibly the best example of my collecting strategy overall – possibly more patient than anybody and just waiting and waiting for years on eBay until I can strike to get my deals. (hence my large amount of “best memories” on there compared to the quantity of others)

Delusion: $25 but with 10 ships from OE and the Plunder Pack map (all-time average is $29.44 so I saved about $5 but more like $10+ when you factor in the OE megapacks and the higher cost of the Delusion back in 2011/2012)

Shui Xian: $19, saving about $10 off the average of $28.69 but again that all-time high listing of $61 was around that time so realistically I got an even better deal than the all time average suggests.

Baochuan: $26.02, only a little under the average of $27.53

Celtic Fury: free (saving me $30.71)

Guichuan: $49.99 but realistically just about FREE when you consider the value of the 60+ ships in the lot which included the Crypt, Monkey’s Paw, Samedi’s Curse, Soul Crusher, and two DJC SE’s, which combined could possibly sell for $50 by themselves if they were unpunched. Either way, still technically saving me about $15 off the Guichuan’s average of $64.35.

Zeus (acquired 2019): $10; was going to be free as a gift from a fellow community member, but I didn’t want to take it for absolutely nothing and the $10 helped pay for the shipping. (saving me ~$44.39 off average price of $54.39 as of July 2019)

Total 10 master savings (most conservative number): $105.10 (which could buy me another TWO 10 masters!)

Now I have all 6.  3 were acquired in the first half of 2012, followed by a long hiatus of about 4.5 years before getting the CF and Guichuan within the past 9 months.  It probably goes without saying at this point, but getting all 6 has been a high long-term priority.  Check out my 10 master collection in this video:

The Baochuan is my favorite for a variety of reasons. It looks the most realistic (and I actually think it looks very cool), it’s the first one released, and it’s an amazing ship overall. I love the biggest cargo hold in the game and how it combines with the Treasure Ship keyword. The ship also single-handedly makes an entire minor faction better, since the JR’s don’t have a ton of stuff. Just a perfect flagship, and the most historical of them as well.

Shui Xian is probably my second favorite due to the English being my favorite faction and having the potential for quite decent cannons with one of my favorite crew aboard. The Delusion would probably come next since it was my first 10 and glows in the dark, though I haven’t used it in a while. The CF is overrated and the English naturally have a rivalry with the French, while the Guichuan is completely new to me for playing purposes. I do love the Guichuan’s flavor text (and all of them, actually) and how the ship looks, but S speed and Cursed faction aren’t my favorites lol. Zeus is the best for gameplay but I’ve only used it on VASSAL since I still need to get my physical copy. For what it’s worth, I did enjoy playing the Zhanfu and Fortaleza from RtSS in CG2.

Feel free to check out my tutorial on how to build one of these behemoths:


And here they are:

All 6 10 masters, 10 masted junk ships of Pirates CSG

What was your original collection?

What was your original collection?

Originally posted to Miniature Trading on June 29th, 2016

I got into this game back in 2005 (soon after CC came out I believe, but I only remember SM packs in the store), and I purchased a small amount of stuff from the first 6 sets, excluding SCS of course.

This is my original collection of 49 ships that I hold dear to my heart, and these ships are the truest veterans in my entire collection of ~800 punched ships. They’ve been involved in the first-ever Historical Fantasy Scenarios I had, as well as numerous regular games. This was all I had until 2010 or 2011.

HMS Gargantuan x2
HMS Lord Walpole
HMS Birkenhead
HMS Nautilus
HMS Bath
HMS Frolic

La Magnifique
La Possession x2
La Danae
Le Mercure
Le Republicain
Tiger (always thought she was French for some reason lol)
Le Courageux x2

Santo Columba
La Trinidad
Asesino de la Nave (first 2 packs)
La Bahama
El San Jose
El Pulpo
La Repulsa (first 2 packs)

Swamp Fox
Dark Fox

Broken Key
Black Diamond
Dark Pact
Batavian Bat (first 2 packs)
El Dorado
Muerta de la Corona (first 2 packs)
El Ladron x2
Cursed Blade
Carrion Crow x2

The first and biggest ship(s) of each faction were the flagships. The battles between the two Gargantuans vs. the Enterprise and Magnifique were legendary, with the Lord Walpole and Birkenhead often giving the English a victory late in the battle. The amount of Pirate ships sometimes led to a coalition between all the other factions to take them out. The Raven and Mercure were overly fast scout ships that no other fleet could match. In the end, my love of the English usually made them prevail, but it was a fun time indeed. original collection

Of course, your original collection may be quite different than mine, especially if you bought hundreds of ships at once to start out. It could even just be the first pack or first 5-10 packs you opened, or like me, the first batch you had for quite some time before acquiring more stuff much later on.

So, what was your original collection?

My other posts from the thread:

Imagine the gaming experience a player would get if they received an RV pack with Banshee’s Cry, Santa Isabel, and Don Pedro Gilbert! Shocked They would forever be disappointed with everything else… Laughing

If I had to pick “my” flagship, it would have to be HMS Lord WalpoleHMS Lord Algernon is technically my favorite ship, but more because I wanted it so bad back in the day. That being said, HMS Birkenhead was always right up there with the Lord Walpole, while La Magnifique or the Broken Key would be my top non-English flagship back then.
@Xerecs: Your post reminded me of something I meant to put in my first post of this thread.

How could I forget the “lost 3”?
La Belle Etoile
Straw Man

The Belle Etoile was simply lost as far as I know. I believe L’Eroica was lost as well, though she may have been badly damaged during construction, after which point I may have thrown her out. Embarassed The Straw Man was not so fortunate… I had a really bad day and decided to take out my wrath on what I considered my worst ship (from a gameplay, HFS, and artwork perspective). I crushed it in anger, sitting and possibly stomping on it, which I later regretted. I have since acquired another one, but I don’t think I’ve used it and I don’t think I will. Laughing With those 3 it would have been 52 ships.

Also, we have some similarities – we both got a Santo Columba, Swamp Fox, and others very early on. I’ve talked extensively about how my collection has grown in a Pojo thread. Ironically that thread was posted 5 years ago yesterday. It also confirms that I did indeed come back from my long hiatus in 2010 rather than 2011. I may have lurked here longer than I thought (perhaps more than the month that I recall), but I don’t remember much of it haha. I bought 55 ships from Strikezoneonline for $10 (+ $10 shipping) in order to get as much quantity as possible. This was literally just to have as many ships as possible for my Historical Fantasy Scenarios. original collection That purchase is also where my 8 Mayfair’s came from. original collection

To think I played HFS’s for almost an entire year (on and off of course) before I joined Pojo… you should have seen it. My room was completely different back then, between then and Century of the Empires (2013 – the first game I took pictures for). There was a lot of what do you call them… “natural obstructions” which made for deep harbors and interesting interactions between fleets. The only thing I specifically remember is a very low circular table that made for a sort of cave/overhang with at least one or two harbors attached to the supports beneath it. Ships would sail from these harbors in lines of battle to engage each other in epic battles on the high seas… it was only around 6 years ago, but when almost everything in your Pirates CSG career has happened since then, it becomes quite nostalgic. original collection For a week or two now I’ve been thinking about recreating that atmosphere for another “flashback” opportunity… I don’t know how epic I can make it, but it will certainly shed light on the sheer scale of it all… What was your original collection? What was your original collection?

What was your original collection?

First page of the original thread on Miniature Trading

Pirates CSG Megacards – Collection Review #21

Collection Review Episode 21: Pirates CSG MEGACARDS!! (Wizkids Pirates CSG)

Question of the Day: What is your favorite of all the Pirates CSG megacards?

It can be tough to narrow down the search without looking for specific ships, but eBay is your friend for collecting:

Additional QOTD: How man CRS episodes do you think are left?


Recently I did another “video blast” with lots of content produced, so I’ll have plenty of videos for the foreseeable future in addition to the podcast and Hourly Campaign. The Start Here Rules tutorial is now above 2000 views, so that’s great!


Here’s the picture I decided to include in the youtube thumbnail.  It shows all 5 of my 10 masters (Celtic Fury barely visible beyond the Baochuan) in play during Command the Oceans (click the picture to read the battle reports).  Really shows what can be achieved in this game with massive scale.

Pirates CSG 10 masters

Pure epicness.

My Collection – Collecting Pirates CSG over the years

Originally posted to Miniature Trading

My Pirates CSG Collection

This is another thread I’m bringing over from Pojo. To see the original thread, go here.

I’ve always kept track of my collection over the years, partly because I like to have all of my possessions organized, but also to keep a record of my Pirates stuff.

I’ll paraphrase from the original thread to detail how my collection grew from 2004-2013.

I got into the game soon after it began, and purchased different packs from SM, CC, RV, BC, and DJC from 2004-2006. This amounted to 49 total ships, because I managed to break three ships beyond repair.  🙁

In the summer of 2010 I got 55 ships from Strikezoneonline (104 total ships). In early 2011 I bought 2 18 pack boxes of MI from Dave and Adam’s Card world (when they still had Pirates stuff left), leaving me with 176. Soon afterwards I got a lucky deal on eBay of 311 cards from just the Spanish Main set (my favourite set), which contained 104 more ships (280 total).

In July of 2011 I got a eBay lot of random stuff that contained 97 ships along with a 4 ship lot that had HMS Grand Temple and the Divine Dragon (381 total).

In December of 2011 I added another 143 ships between 3 Fairfield boxes, 1 18 pack box of DJC, and a handful of trades through MT (524 total).


2014: Just recently I’ve gone on a tear and grabbed some good deals.

For the first time ever, I got a large amount of stuff from the Frozen North, Barbary Coast, and South China Seas. I saw some good deals that I felt were too good to pass up. These were the three sets that I didn’t use to have much of, but now I’ve got tons! I also received some stuff from other sets, as well as a few random lots.

Not including duplicates (which I’m leaving unpunched for trade bait), I received a total of 205 new, unique ships to my collection.

Part of the reason I went for the three above-mentioned sets was their rarity and their corresponding deficiency in my collection. However, I also had extremely low numbers of both the Vikings and the Jade Rebellion, and a somewhat-lacking Barbary Corsair fleet. In fact, I didn’t have a single Viking ship!

With that said, it was nice to see some of the lesser factions grow like never before. I now own almost all of the Jade Rebellion ships, and I have every Corsair ship except for the Jackal’s Teeth. The Vikings still have some work to do, but at least now I can play them!

In addition, the Americans have always been a lesser faction in my collection, and I believe that holds true in general. I usually think of it as a Big 4: English, French, Spanish, Pirates, and then a Big 6: those four plus the Americans and the Cursed (although you can argue that the Cursed play worse than any faction other than the Mercenaries). With the stuff I’ve recently acquired, the United States has made a statement. They are looking to break into the dominant factions in the game and permanently establish themselves as a huge power. Between the Americans and the minor factions, it has been a revenge of the underdogs!

With that said, here are the numbers for each faction of NEW ships I’ve added:

New unique ships:
English: 20
French: 23
Spanish: 28
Pirates: 27
Americans: 44
Cursed: 5
Barbary Corsairs: 27
Jade Rebellion: 19 (from 3)
Vikings: 12 (from 0)
Total: 205

As you can see, the Americans take home the biggest fleet of new ships, among them FIVE new 5 masters. The Pirates actually got SIX new 5 masters, and they received a large number of other powerful ships.

The three main imperial nations of England, France, and Spain didn’t do quite as well, but I think it’s all for the better, as they are already dominant. The English did especially poorly, with not only a low number of new ships, but also a lack of quality additions. The French and Spanish both got a bunch of good pieces, but not to the extent of the Pirates and Americans.

The Cursed were the only real losers here, with just five new ships. However, 3 of those 5 are some of the best they have (Calim, Sea Monkey, Whydah).

The Barbary Corsairs saw a huge improvement in quantity and quality. I previously didn’t own any of their 4 masted galleys, but now I’ve got 6 out of 7. The Corsairs were previously severely lacking in crew, both named and generic, but now they’ve got plenty of support in those areas. Between their speed, good-looking ships, and fun crew and abilities, it’s hard not to love the Corsairs.

The Jade Rebellion goes from just 3 ships to 22 total, including 3 of the 5 six masted junks. They also filled out their collection of named and generic crew, which were lacking just as with the Corsairs.

The Vikings aren’t regarded as a very playable faction, but I was thrilled to finally acquire some Viking ships! We’ll see in December and January how they fare in their first games I’ve ever used them in!


As for the total size of my collection, I have no idea at this point. The last official count was 524, but since then I’ve made tons of trades, so I can’t even begin to estimate what the grand total would be now. It’s important to note that the number from the past was the total number of BUILT ships, not including unpunched duplicates. At the time of the last count, I had almost no unpunched duplicates. I’m planning on doing another count very soon, which will be nothing short of epic.

When I do the tally this time, I’m going to track things more closely. I’m going to count the overall number of BUILT ships, which will include everything I had punched previously plus the stuff I have now. As of a year or so ago I started leaving duplicates unpunched for a lot of reasons: I’ve got enough built ships, it’s easier to find and mail them for trades when they’re unpunched, and I don’t do huge historical fantasy scenarios anymore.

I’m also going to count the overall number of UNIQUE ships, that is, the number of ships I have not counting any duplicates, built or not built. In addition, I’d like to do a count for each faction, probably in both forms: overall and unique.

I keep all of my cards in a binder, but with the new stuff I’ve had to buy a bunch of new 9-pocket pages and use another binder. All of this is adding up to a MASSIVE overhaul and re-organizing of my collection, which I’m currently in the middle of! My Collection

And here it is:

2014 Fleet Review!!

2018: Since that Fleet Review in 2014 I’ve acquired more ships of course, but I’d estimate my current collection at around 850 punched ships. (including duplicates)

Feel free to share the progress you’ve made on your Pirates CSG collection in the comments below!

My Pirates CSG Collection

My entire collection from the November 2014 Fleet Review. There are 773 ships in the picture.

Best eBay memories – Great Pirates CSG deals

Best eBay Memories

My best eBay memories range from 2011 up until the present day.  I remember getting outbid by “snipers” for a while back in 2011. Since then I generally place what my actual “max bid” would be for an item, and then wait. Depending on the circumstances I’ll go a little past the previous max, but usually not too much.  Check out my eBay history spreadsheet for a look at historical prices, mostly from auctions.

These are what I would call my best purchases, from my Pirates CSG document I update. I always like to think about what I’m paying in terms of the Price per Ship. These numbers don’t include the shipping costs, but some of them were free shipping.

2/13/11: Lot Spanish Main 311 Cards: $20.50 (contained 104 ships, so $.20 or 20 cents per ship) (For context, the price per ship used to be $2 at $3.99 per pack, nowadays it can be found for as low as $.50 at $1 per pack of OE. It’s also fun to do ships per dollar, so in this case each dollar gave me 5 ships.)

7/5/11: Lot of 97 ships: $26.00 ($.27/ship)

3/10/15: SS lot of 54 ships: $16.56 ($.31/ship)
3/31/15: F&S lot of 146 ships: $9.99 ($.07/ship, my best ever ratio.  Also rounds up to 15 ships per dollar spent.)

9/5/2015: Lot of 434 ships: $70 ($.16/ship, also the largest number of ships I’ve acquired from a single transaction)

A new calculation after combining the above numbers:
$143.05/835 ships=$.17/ship! (Also about 6 ships per dollar spent)

Those are the results of my long-term “deal-hawking”, though these are the highlights of course. Most other times I’ve had to pay between $.50-$1.50 per ship in general, though of course the 10 masters would skew the numbers if I was able to do an all-time calculation, which I can’t because I haven’t recorded all of the other minor purchases and whatnot. The listings of 2015 were true deals, as I’m a bit more hesitant to spend nowadays with a much larger collection, not to mention that all three of those lots (as well as the purchases from HWG and RainTyger made in August) were generally purchases to be given away.

What are your favorite Pirates CSG eBay memories and purchases?  Please feel free to comment below!

2014 Fleet Review!

November 28th, 2014
The time finally came for me to do a proper Fleet Review! As you probably saw from my “Collections” post and the “preview” pictures I’ve been posting, my collection has grown considerably from its previous size. This made it necessary to complete a HUGE restructuring and reorganizing of my collection.

Almost all of this took place over the 25th and 26th. I always keep my collection organized so I know where everything is at all times. I had a lot of new stuff that needed to be integrated into the boxes and binder I already had. For the first time in years, I got out ALL of my ships. A lot of them were brand new stuff from the past month of acquisitions, but I also had a tin of stuff from trades.

I keep all of my deckplates (the first card of each ship) in a binder with named crew cards. This allows me to easily find ships to use and compare and contrast different ships and crew. I have one large binder that used to contain every unique ship and named crew. Now it only contains ships from the Big 4 (England, France, Spain, Pirates), and about half of the American fleet. The rest of the American fleet is in a different, smaller, binder with the Cursed, Corsairs, Jade Rebels, Vikings, and Mercenaries. Another binder contains every single named crew, and a fourth binder has my UT’s and a handful of other stuff. The “other stuff” is equipment, forts, the promo pack inserts (ex: PP824), and at the back I keep a copy of the rule book for each set, as well as a checklist for each set (the checklists are fun to look at all on one page – very colourful!).

Getting out the ships was intimidating at first, but once I got started it became less overwhelming. I organized each fleet by faction, ordering the ships by size and type. For the English, the first faction I got out, I separated duplicates and grouped them together accordingly. However, I didn’t do this for the other factions in order to save time (plus I felt it was unnecessary).

It is important to note that I didn’t count sea monsters, flotillas, or forts as “ships”, at least not for the overall count. However, I did count sea monsters and flotillas as “ships” for the “overall unique ships” count, since this is more relevant to the actual game.

Total overall ships: The number of actual built ships.
Total unique ships: The number of different ships (including sea monsters and flotillas but not forts).
Total overall crew chips: The number of punched crew (both generic and named).
Total unique named crew: The number of different NAMED crew.

Of course, part of the reason I wanted to do a proper fleet review was to count the numbers of ships and crew and to take pictures. Cool

Pictures or it didn’t count, right? Laughing

Some of the boxes I use to store everything:
Fleet Review

Here is my personal “treasure chest”. The shoebox at the bottom of the photo used to hold my entire collection of 49 ships, with deckplates, treasure, islands and all. Laughing

Without further ado, here is one of the biggest fleets you’ll ever see!

First up, the English:
Fleet Review



Total overall ships: 157
Total unique ships: 98
Total overall crew chips: 97
Total unique named crew: 46

The three English flagships. HMS Lord Walpole and HMS Birkenhead were my first two English ships, and HMS Lord Algernon was my most-wanted ship for years until I finally acquired her. They are still in their unaltered state before I realized I had been putting the masts in backwards.

“The pride of the Royal Navy”:

This one reminds me of Lord Cutler Beckett’s armada that was assembled at the end of the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movie:

Overhead shot of the entire fleet:

Staring down the rows bristling with guns:

A true “forest of masts”:

One last look at Her Majesty’s Navy.


Next up, the French!


Total overall ships: 101
Total unique ships: 80
Total overall crew chips: 53
Total unique named crew: 28

More colourful and pretty than their enemies across the Channel!


The last of the three historical imperial nations, the Spanish!


Total overall ships: 119
Total unique ships: 89
Total overall crew chips: 105
Total unique named crew: 37


What our game is named for. Very Happy


Total overall ships: 141
Total unique ships: 110
Total overall crew chips: 139
Total unique named crew: 61


The fleet with the most new ships – America!


Total overall ships: 123
Total unique ships: 91
Total overall crew chips: 66
Total unique named crew: 30


The last of the “Big 6” – the Cursed!


Total overall ships: 42
Total unique ships: 47
Total overall crew chips: 53
Total unique named crew: 17


The largest of the minor factions – the Barbary Corsairs!

Barbary Corsairs

Total overall ships: 41
Total unique ships: 37
Total overall crew chips: 26
Total unique named crew: 8


The hardest faction to acquire – the Jade Rebellion!

Jade Rebellion

Total overall ships: 22
Total unique ships: 21
Total overall crew chips: 27
Total unique named crew: 12

Fleet Review


The fighters from the north – the Vikings!


Total overall ships: 14
Total unique ships: 12
Total overall crew chips: 18
Total unique named crew: 4


Last but not least, the Mercenaries!


Total overall ships: 12
Total unique ships: 10
Total overall crew chips: 29
Total unique named crew: 8


Now for the best moment of all! Every single punched ship in my collection all in one place!  O_O

Fleet Review


Fleet Review 2014 - Pirates CSG Collection


Here’s a few pics before I sorted the Spanish, Pirates, and Americans.

The intimidating “Nelson chequer” of the English gunships:

The Big 4:

This is one of my favourites, showing the French, Spanish, and Pirates:

Here’s the Big 6 before I brought the Americans and the Cursed over for the group picture:


By the numbers

Total overall ships: 773
English: 157
French: 101
Spanish: 119
Pirate: 141
American: 123
Cursed: 42
Barbary Corsair: 41
Jade Rebellion: 22
Viking: 14
Mercenary: 13

Total unique ships: 595
English: 98
French: 80
Spanish: 89
Pirate: 110
American: 91
Cursed: 47
Barbary Corsair: 37
Jade Rebellion: 21
Viking: 12
Mercenary: 10

Total named crew: 253 chips, 251 different/unique
English: 42 chips, 46 different
French: 25 chips, 28 different
Spanish: 37 chips, 37 different
Pirate: 64 chips, 61 different
American: 29 chips, 30 different
Cursed: 19 chips, 17 different
Barbary Corsair: 8 chips, 8 different
Jade Rebellion: 11 chips, 12 different
Viking: 4 chips, 4 different
Mercenary: 14 chips, 8 different

Total generic crew: 360 chips, 357 total cards
English: 55 chips, 47 cards
French: 28 chips, 39 cards
Spanish: 68 chips, 52 cards
Pirate: 75 chips, 61 cards
American: 37 chips, 41 cards
Cursed: 34 chips, 30 cards
Barbary Corsair: 18 chips, 18 cards
Jade Rebellion: 16 chips, 16 cards
Viking: 14 chips, 14 cards
Mercenary: 15 chips, 12 cards
+27 other punched cards without the nationality specified. I didn’t feel like looking all of them up. Very Happy

Total overall crew: 613 chips
English: 97 (punched chips)
French: 53
Spanish: 105
Pirate: 139
American: 66
Cursed: 53
Barbary Corsair: 26
Jade Rebellion: 27
Viking: 18
Mercenary: 29

Total Unique Treasures: 73
Total different equipment: 7
Total forts: 7

In addition, I have a solid amount of unpunched (UP) stuff that I didn’t include because they’re all duplicate and going up for trade soon.

Here are the final numbers when duplicate unpunched game pieces are included:
Ships: 908
Named crew: 334
Overall crew: ~694
Unique treasures: 87

Just for the fun of it, I also counted terrain, both punched and unpunched.

Total islands/terrain: 372
SM islands: 35
Mysterious Islands: 38
Whirlpools: 25
Icebergs: 86
Fog Banks: 69
Reefs: 64
Sargasso Seas: 55

Generic crew:

I wanted to see how high the stack would be if I stacked every single generic crew card together! Laughing Luckily I got a few pics before the top 1/3 fell down!

Ships, crew and UT’s that will be up for trade:

Perfect size box for storing tons of punched cards:

Unique ships and crew before being put into the binders:

And finally, the GOLD:

How else would anyone end this? Wink

Here is every ship type that I own. It’s fun to see them all at once!

Friends and foes alike squeeze in for a group photo Laughing :

The Grand Temple, then and now:

selvaxri wrote:
how many 10-masters you got?



Size comparisons:

I find it interesting that the Americans are one of the most unique factions I have specifically in terms of 3 masters. They have a hoist, a windcatcher, a submarine, a longship, and an icebreaker. No other faction in my collection comes close to matching not only the diversity, but the diversity of ships that all have the same number of masts!

All of my six masted junks:

More pictures of the ten masters:

Thanks for looking! I would do this every year as an annual thing, but my collection won’t grow nearly enough to make it worthwhile to do it that often.

I forgot something!

I meant to do this earlier. I played around with the effects editor on Photobucket. Some of the effects were purposely designed to mess with you a bit, kind of like the ship would in real life.

I think we all know this ship by now:

She is a notoriously difficult ship to acquire and use:

How many masts?

However, the Delusion is most famous for when the sun goes down and the darkness descends over the world’s oceans:

As it gets darker the Delusion gets brighter:

The scariest ship (thematically) in Pirates CSG:

This one reminds me of the Flying Dutchman. She almost appears transparent with glowing seaweed covering her rigging.

Unholy Light:

The Delusion leaves a trail of death and destruction in her wake:

Along with a few of the other pics this one was not edited:

A true ghost ship:

The Delusion: