Adventure Book Unboxing – Full Reveal

Adventure Book Unboxing

I have acquired the Adventure Book from J_ARRRRR_P!  A big thank you to her for offering to sell it to me.  Here are the contents!  Videos and scans below!  Courtesy of BBachman, here is a Compendium PDF of Adventure Book scans and pics!


Courtesy of Darrel Rustvold’s site, a better image of the artwork for the 4 new ships can be found here.

Scans of the Adventure Book itself

Story reveal for The Greatest Prize:

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  1. The production on that was a lot further along than I’d realized; aside from printing the actual cards for the book, it looks like it was mostly done.

    It’s neat seeing the actual (maybe) artwork for the gem shards too, even if it was just in the book and not on UT tokens. It’s about what I expected. Nothing fancy, but it would serve the purpose well enough.

    The fact that they added a tiny spot in the plastic shell for the micro dice is pretty funny. I’m kinda surprised they wouldn’t have used larger, more normal-sized dice for this at least. There would have been plenty of space for them… or even more than just two of the tiny ones.

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