Pirates CSG Megacards – Collection Review #21

Collection Review Episode 21: Pirates CSG MEGACARDS!! (Wizkids Pirates CSG)

Question of the Day: What is your favorite of all the Pirates CSG megacards?

It can be tough to narrow down the search without looking for specific ships, but eBay is your friend for collecting: https://ebay.us/5C1kyR

Additional QOTD: How man CRS episodes do you think are left?


Recently I did another “video blast” with lots of content produced, so I’ll have plenty of videos for the foreseeable future in addition to the podcast and Hourly Campaign. The Start Here Rules tutorial is now above 2000 views, so that’s great!


Here’s the picture I decided to include in the youtube thumbnail.  It shows all 5 of my 10 masters (Celtic Fury barely visible beyond the Baochuan) in play during Command the Oceans (click the picture to read the battle reports).  Really shows what can be achieved in this game with massive scale.

Pirates CSG 10 masters

Pure epicness.

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  1. That was an excellent review sir… nice job. There were a great deal of cards that I did not know existed. Well for what it’s worth I say much appreciated.

    Since my collection did not go too far beyond the MI expansion, my only 10-master I own is the Baochuan… which ironically I never fielded. I have had several encounters against the Guichuan and the only time I managed to survive (barely) was a 1v1 with my El Acorazado. It was quite an epic exchange of cannons and skills… with a dash of colorful metaphors. 😉

    I’ve had players with Angelica wreck havoc on my less fortunate gold runners, expecially those w/ poor cannon ratings, a hard lesson I learned — got to keep the fleet tight with a dragon loose.

    I really like these reviews as I can see that not only is this a passion of yours but it truly shines with the amount of knowledge you have and the depth to which you project it. Hats off to you Skipper.

  2. @El Tiburón: Thank you so much! I was definitely overwhelmed for multiple YEARS after I joined Miniature Trading in 2011 – unless you have a very large collection that you’ve looked at or played with a lot, there’s a ton of game pieces to discover and learn about.

    Wow, Guichuan vs. Acorazado sounds awesome! With an even number of points (or even perhaps not an even number of points), I would expect the Acorazado to come out on top.

    I haven’t had much experience with sea dragons in “regular” games, but with enough luck they can be decent.

    I’m super happy that my passion has kept up over the years. I’ve learned a lot, but I feel I still have lots to learn! (mostly in terms of playing and complicated rules shenanigans, growing the community, making it popular, future restart, etc)

    Thanks for commenting!

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