Pirates CSG Podcast #51: Getempowder War Stories!

Pirates CSG Podcast #51: Getempowder War Stories!

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Getempowder: https://pirateswithben.com/members/getempowder/

The Cursed Challenge from 2013 – I won with A Devastating Duo and also submitted Hearts of Treason


Questions of the Day

A7XfanBen: What impact do you think the virus/recession will have on the Pirates CSG market?

Getempowder: What is that moment in your life that you wish you could get back?

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  1. I really like the idea of playing all sea monsters as a chaos faction that is a hazard to all other fleets on the table. I’ve been pondering this idea for some time and it was great to hear other player(s) running with similar thoughts!

    • @Chris: If you want a scenario that delves into the idea a bit, check out Circle of Blood by Riz. Conceivably you could use as many sea creatures as you wanted in that, or have a set number or point allotment based on the build total.

      I’ve run “Cursed Chaos” fleets that are Cursed-only and simply designed to cause mayhem on the seas for other players while being fun for me. (until I lose with 0 gold lol) Here is an example where I only had a dragon and a kraken at my disposal.

      Thanks for listening!

    • @Geoffrey: I don’t know about that! I’ve played plenty of games where I lost to a less experienced player… and at this point, pretty much all of my games are against people who have played Pirates less than me. I also don’t bother trying to destroy everyone in every game, since it would get repetitive and boring. (by that I mean there’s not much point in just winning all the time with UPS 2 since there are hardly any fleets that can beat it)
      If you’re asking about playing me on VASSAL, it’s unlikely I’ll have enough time anytime soon, especially since most of the time I can afford to play is taken up by CG4.

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