Pirates: 2023 Year in Review

Pirates: 2023 Year in Review

Hi everyone! This is where you can share what Pirates stuff happened over the past year. It can be just about anything, from accomplishments to purchases to cool ideas. If this seems too vague, you can look at mine for an example. There’s also the option of stating your Pirates Goals for 2024.

It will be nice to look back upon the entire year and find joy and amazement in how much we’re capable of. List (possibly with links and/or a short description) everything you accomplished in 2023 in regards to Pirates that you thought was a good thing that happened. Everyone can contribute their own things that they did or are currently doing. When I think about this past week for example, I don’t really think much of it, but when I consider everything I’ve personally done in the entire year, I feel amazed! I think others could share that feeling as well if they look back at everything. Also, little things count too, so it doesn’t have to be all about one particular event or anything. Once everyone has posted, we can talk about what we accomplished as a whole community.


Pirates Goals for 2023 (set last year)
-Have not made replica ships with artwork yet.
-Released a total of 84 videos on youtube, more than twice as many as 2022 (39) and my highest total since 2018. Looking forward to improving my production/editing/video quality aspects more in 2024.
-I released 13 total podcast episodes, rather than just 2+. A huge highlight was talking to some of the most important Wizkids employees that worked on the game – Mike Mulvihill, Ethan Pasternack, and Shane Hartley!
-Pirates with Ben new account signup process is back in action (new users can actually join the site and participate in the forum more easily). There is more work to be done but the site still ranks #1 in google for the search term “Pirates CSG”.
-I did play at least one game in every month of the year.
-Played an epic CG4 turn in July!
-I taught at least four new players how to play the game. (highest total since that same number in 2017)
-I gave away some of the free hoard to players, but not as much as I would have liked to. (mostly from lack of interest, rather than me forgetting)

General accomplishments:
-Had a great year changing it up from the year prior – more content produced, more players taught, more Wizkids special guests, etc.
-Met Mike Mulvihill! (the primary architect of the game we play today)
-Brought together Pirates CSG players in Tampa after Gasparilla Pirate Fest.
-Gave away various packs to curious onlookers at public games.
-Released 84 videos and 13 podcasts.
-Collecting: Acquired some non-playable rare items – the Adventure Book and a couple new posters.
-Successfully moved collection and Epic Scale fleet from Washington to Nevada.
-Took over and revamped the Scan Project.

Wizkids Pirates game with Mike Mulvihill, Tiffany O'Brien, Becky and Jared Wilson! Pirates 2023 Year in Review-Set or extended a bunch of all-time records with a ridiculous turn in VASSAL Campaign Game 4.
-Played a game against Mike Mulvihill, Tiffany O’Brien, and Becky Wilson!
-Played in 3 different states (FL, WA, NV), with Epic Scale games outdoors in 2 of them (WA, NV).
-26 games total

Pirates Goals for 2024
-Be able to make replica ships (3D printed + artwork). As a tangent, learn skills associated with small-scale production process (3D printing, artwork process with Silhouette Cameo 4 and color printer, CAD, etc).
-Get a more concrete answer on whether or not the game can come back in a substantial way. Attack my Pirates CSG goals in a more deliberate, focused, and urgent way than I ever have before.
-Release at least 104 videos. (following my current release schedule of every Friday and Sunday, every week)  Improve my video quality, test out new video concepts such as live streamed physical games, and get some long-term video ideas out of my to do list queue.
-Reach 1,000+ subscribers on youtube (~800 at end of 2023).
-Release at least 4 podcasts. Continue trying to get special guests on (former Wizkids employees/etc).
-Finish working through ALL my planned improvements or edits to Pirates with Ben.
-Play at least one game in every month of the year. Would love to technically average at least one play per week (52+ plays total). Start 20th anniversary games with a Spanish Main-only game in the summer.
-Focus on games with new or exciting elements – competitive games, live streamed games, recordings of full games with chess clock, customs, etc.
-Grow the Las Vegas Pirates player base and scene.
-Host at least two major group meetup events – Dice Tower West in March being the first.
-Play my turns in CG4 when/if I am able.
-Teach at least one person how to play the game.
-Give away some of the free stuff I’ve received to players.

Feel free to comment below with your own 2023 Year in Review!  Or post your submissions for the 2023 End of Year Awards!

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