Christmas Pirate! Pirates vs. Americans | 2×100 | 12/25/2023

Christmas Pirate! Pirates vs. Americans 2×100


For the first time ever, I played Pirates CSG on Christmas Day!  Big thanks to kogz03 (Stefan) for hosting!  In this 2 player 100 point game, we used the Vegas house rules with the exception that we would place 5 terrain each instead of 3.

Kogz rolled to go first, leading to me picking a home island in the north. He settled just east of me and we were ready to go!

Kogz03’s Pirates
Revenant + Captain Mysion (F&S version), captain, helmsman, shipwright, oarsman
Black Pearl + Calico Cat (SM version), Hammersmith (F&S version), crew
Raven’s Neck + Le Requin, captain, helmsman, crew
Recreant + helmsman, 2 crew
Bloody Jewel + Genny Gallows, explorer
Banshee’s Cry + silver explorer
Jolly Mon + The Hag of Tortuga (CC version)

A7XfanBen’s Americans
Blackwatch + Commodore Matthew Perry, captain, helmsman, stinkpot shot
New Orleans + captain, helmsman, oarsman
Nene-nui + helmsman, explorer
Tombstone + helmsman
Kentucky + Commodore Edward Preble, captain, helmsman
Julius Caesar + captain, explorer
Coins: Grease Barrels, Runes of Thor, Jack’s Compass, 1,3,4,5,7

Christmas Pirate! Pirates vs. Americans | 2x100 | 12/25/2023

Christmas Pirate! Pirates vs. Americans | 2x100 | 12/25/2023

I lucked out with Preble on turn 1, giving an AA to Nene-nui so she was able to zoom out to the center island and explore in the first round.  I found Rum and 7,3,1 at the island, with Rum stopping the ship for a turn but bumping the overall haul I could take to 14 total gold. Kentucky, Revenant and Recreant redocked, but many other ships scattered.

Raven’s Neck got SAT from Le Requin and shot a couple masts off Nene-nui with her first move action, then ducked into the fog bank with the second move action.  Revenant and Recreant approached the middle, leading me to pounce.  Kentucky and Blackwatch teamed up to sink Recreant, while stinkpot shot froze all of Revenant’s crew for the next Pirate turn!  At the upper left, Julius Caesar and Tombstone have drained the northwestern island of its treasure (Runes of Thor + 4,1,1), but the Black Pearl looms via round earth….

Christmas Pirate! Pirates vs. Americans | 2x100 | 12/25/2023

With Revenant hitting on her 2L jib cannon and Raven’s Neck getting another SAT, Blackwatch is sunk!

Christmas Pirate! Pirates vs. Americans | 2x100 | 12/25/2023

I started a pivotal turn by rolling for Preble’s AA, but neither roll worked (Reroll via Kentucky). This prompted me to flip Runes of Thor and force the roll to a 6, giving me a much-needed AA to speed the Nene-nui back home with her impressive gold haul.  I then went all-or-nothing with the Julius Caesar. Black Pearl (BP) had dismasted Tombstone, and the JC’s best shot to dismast the BP was with a Broadsides Attack. It missed with a 2, all but ensuring I would lose the western battle.  I didn’t expect my cannon luck to improve, and so the Kentucky and New Orleans docked home for safety rather than pressing the attack on the Revenant + Raven’s Neck.  I thought about building Thompson’s Island to help JC and repair Tombstone, but didn’t want to risk losing the fort gold to a BP double shoot via Calico Cat’s SAT.

Christmas Pirate! Pirates vs. Americans | 2x100 | 12/25/2023

Sure enough, the Black Pearl unleashed a devastating cannonade on Kogz’ turn, sinking both American ships at the island and sending 6 gold to the depths!

With half my fleet sunk, it would be tough to get much of the last gold scraps remaining, with Bloody Jewel and Banshee’s Cry having emptied out most of the southern islands.  BC had already used Jack’s Compass to get home and still had Grease Barrels for a little boost on the next return trip.  Raven’s Neck explored the middle island, with Revenant acting as escort.

Christmas Pirate! Pirates vs. Americans | 2x100 | 12/25/2023

It seemed as though my best play was to get eliminated to force an earlier gold count, since Kogz still had some coins on different ships.  However, this process was started too late. I also thought about building Thompson’s Island in the southwest on a theoretical final turn of play to secure the last coin on that island, but BP could outrace Nene-nui there.  Kentucky and New Orleans doubled back and opened fire on Revenant.

Christmas Pirate! Pirates vs. Americans | 2x100 | 12/25/2023

Revenant went in guns blazing, but felled two of her own masts via Mysion’s gunners backfiring!  It was a Vegas-style gamble of a shoot action, with two 1’s rolled before the final cannon hit Kentucky for double damage on a 6!  Raven’s Neck pulled up and finished off Kentucky, leaving New Orleans to battle alone.

Christmas Pirate! Pirates vs. Americans | 2x100 | 12/25/2023

Black Pearl sinks the Nene-nui!

New Orleans did manage to sink Revenant, but Kogz had already turned the tide. Various sources of income were all over his home island – Perry’s Ransom payout, silver, and Genny’s bonus in addition to regular gold.

Christmas Pirate! Pirates vs. Americans | 2x100 | 12/25/2023

Black Pearl sinks New Orleans to end the game!

Christmas Pirate! Pirates vs. Americans | 2x100 | 12/25/2023


  1. Kogz03: 22 gold
  2. A7XfanBen: 14

The Christmas Pirate reigns supreme!  A well-earned victory that saw him win on gold and completely eliminate my fleet as well.  The final SW coin was a 2, so snagging that with a fort play wouldn’t have changed the results. Even hitting on that crucial Broadsides Attack may not have been enough for me to win. I was really happy to use stinkpot shot successfully and use the Runes of Thor to force an AA to work at a good time. Hopefully I’ll be able to use the ability of New Orleans next time I use her.

How Stefan stole Christmas!  ;P  Haha!  After playing on Christmas Eve in 2017 and having a Sleigh game last year, perhaps it was time to play on 12/25.  Happy Holidays and thanks for reading!

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