What are your collection quirks?

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    Do you have any collection quirks?

    I must have been thinking of my own when I wrote that thread idea down a while back.  Now I can’t think of many.  XD   I have hoarded a lot of forts, flotillas and native canoes for hopeful usage in massive future campaign games many years away.

    When I played Historical Fantasy Scenarios a long time ago, I wanted as many ships as possible for the fleets.  Therefore I punched every ship in my collection, including duplicates.  Although it’s not unheard of, this means I sometimes have many punched copies of the same ship.  I think the English 3 masters take the cake on that one – I think I used to have about 6 punched copies each of HMS Birkenhead, HMS Wycliffe, and HMS Mayfair.


    I used to keep all of my punched treasure coins in a small Icebreakers gum box. It could hold a lot of them, but it was very hard to find the coins I needed to set up a game.

    Now I keep them in one of those plastic organizer boxes, and they are all separated by type (gold or silver) and value.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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