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    As this option continues to grow and become cheaper, I think it would be great to have a centralized thread for discussing 3D printing options.  Feel free to share what you’ve used in terms of printers, materials, files, etc. (and link to your files if you want others to be able to use the designs)

    Just the progress shown by some members of the Facebook group alone is pretty exciting!  😀

    3D Printing Files

    Pirates CSG Ships and Sea Monsters (vulkan)

    Andrew’s Pirates of the Cursed Seas Models (doubleAAsauce)

    Files for square rigged 4 master, canoes and forts (juulm)

    Pirates POTSM 5 Mast Ship (ncdistro)


    More from Peter Diamandis

    “3D Printing Across All Retail Sectors” section made me think about Pirates a bunch.


    I have bought an Ender 3 V2! (affiliate link)  It seems to be working well given my complete lack of knowledge about 3D printing.  I have printed out a few test jib-style foremasts using Juulm’s files he shared.  I am excited to make progress.

    Question of the Day: Do you have a 3D printer?  If not, do you plan on getting one?


    Video of my first print!

    Important to note that this was with NO settings adjusted on the printer, in the slicer, etc.  I didn’t remember to even change the infill, so that’s why it’s a bit skeletal.

    3D printed foremast jib

    I was just glad that it fit, and I hadn’t botched the printer construction or setup to the point where the shape or scale was way off.  Very exciting and promising!!  😀

    3D printed jib on FD


    Here we go!!

    After some various edits and testing, I have completed my first 3D printed ship!!  O_O  😀  It’s rough around the edges and definitely not perfect, but I am extremely excited by the progress and look forward to more soon!  😀

    Ben's first 3D printed ship

    first ship from Ender 3 V2


    Something I thought of today: people have expressed considerable interest or enjoyment in the large-scale ships seen at the Minnesota RenFest and those from PDXYAR.  3D printed ships would be limited by the size of the print bed, but simply by upscaling the x, y, and z axis of each model, you could print ships of varying sizes.  😀  (some additional adjustments might have to be made to preserve durability and slot perfection)


    Just printed a test cube from this process and it happens to be the perfect size for a little fort, a building, or a coin deposit!  You could even stack up coins and hide them underneath. (4 master for scale heh)

    Test cube


    Just as a warning: don’t use “soft” PLA for printing Pirates CSG stuff – it comes out too soft and is very flexible!

    Thanks to Todd C, I just printed out this 5 master from his files he shared!  (I just scaled the z axis up to .9mm in Cura before slicing; the printed parts measure about .8mm)

    3d printed 5 master!

    3D printed 5 masted ship


    Here is a model of Fort Jefferson that I printed out!  I cut out most of the excess material in 3D Builder with a hollow cylinder and blocks. Then I scaled the X axis down to 200mm (I think), so the print would fit on the printer bed.  5 master for scale.  In the future I might try another print with it and try to get it more to scale.  But for now I really love this!  😀 Fort Jefferson with 5 master for scale 1

    Fort Jefferson 2

    Fort Jefferson 3


    The fort is quite impressive! 3D printing has really opened up the possibilities for new and/or custom Pirates material.

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