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    HUGE NEWS!!  It’s likely that Tiffany O’Brien will be on an upcoming episode of the Pirates CSG Podcast!

    Edit: Here is the episode!

    Feel free to post your questions here! (try to keep them as related to Pirates CSG as possible of course)

    These are mostly the same/similar questions from past guest appearances; I might edit this list as time goes on.  (podcast might be happening as soon as July 21st)

    When did you get involved with Pirates CSG?

    What was your involvement with Wizkids like?

    What marketing and branding work did you do for Pirates CSG?

    What other designers and artists did you work with?

    Do you have any knowledge on where the ships were made? (factory location/company name/etc.)

    Do you think it was a good idea from Wizkids to dive more into the fantasy concepts, or do you think they should have kept the game more historical?

    Did you ever play or have involvement with the SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) digital version?

    Do you remember a favorite game piece you worked on?

    What is the story with Eileen Brigid O’Brien from Mysterious Islands?

    Do you have a favorite ship type?

    What were some of your ideas that never made it into the game?

    What are your favorite memories of Pirates CSG?

    Do you still have a collection of Pirates CSG stuff?  Do you have any extremely rare stuff such as an Obago Deuce, prototypes, Ships in a Bottle, Vieil Homme, etc?

    Why did Wizkids have to shy away from using more historical ships and figures in the game? Was it because of the potential for lawsuits?

    What was the 15th set (after Return to Savage Shores) going to be like?  Do you remember the name or theme?  Or if any game pieces for it had been designed? (stats/etc)

    How did you get out of Pirates?

    Are there any things you would change in hindsight?

    Where did things go wrong with Pirates?

    What do you think is the biggest reason that Pirates CSG went out of print?

    What is your opinion on the effect of the 2008 recession and general economics on the game?

    Do you think the game has a chance to come back in the future? (despite licensing issues mentioned by Zev Schlasinger)

    Do you think it would have a better chance coming back as a physical or digital game?

    Do you happen to know exactly what patent concerns the rights to produce a game like Pirates CSG? Have you had experience with the patents for other games expiring and being open to anyone reproducing the game?

    If Pirates CSG came back, would you want to return to it?

    What are you doing now?

    Where can people find you online?

    Anything cool that you want to promote or give a shoutout to?

    Questions of the Day?


    This likely happening on Sunday 7/21 around 2pm EST, so get your questions in soon!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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