PSA: Consider making scans/high quality pictures of cards before punching them

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    Going forward, it seems that a scans database of ALL Pirates CSG cards will be incredibly useful.  Not just for reference and neat pictures or files, but especially for printing artwork for blank ship templates made via 3D printing or other means.

    Especially if you have a scanner (or camera), consider making scans or pictures of any Pirates CSG cards before punching them out.  Some folks have already started working on this project to varying degrees, but it will inevitably take time to put together.  For now, feel free to add your scans to this shared folder that thunderbros99 created. (along with saving it to your computer/etc)

    Hopefully this doesn’t sound like I’m demanding anything, more just an announcement to let everyone know that scans of cards and artwork could be incredibly value to the game’s longevity going forward.  Thanks!  😀


    Here is the new home for the Scan Project. Going forward, I will be the primary point of contact and steward for it. The Submission Guide remains the same. The Master Scan List has been updated, but there may be some errors. My tentative plan is to update the Master Scan List at least once per quarter. There are still some cards we need scans of – if you check the Master Scan List and it’s empty for something you have, feel free to scan it (preferably a PNG at 600 dpi) and upload to the New Submissions folder.

    If you are able to edit and improve the scans in Old Submissions, feel free to upload the “perfect” versions to the folder “Edited Versions of Submissions”. From there I can put them in Finished Scans if adequate and after any potential file renaming is completed. There is an extra folder called PSD files that contains the files that WayofthePixel (formerly thunderbros99) sent me. Feel free to use those and convert them to finished copies if you’re able. (those exported PNGs can also go in the Edited Versions folder)

    Here are the links to it that you may want to bookmark for easy reference.
    Shortened link:
    Non-shortened link:

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