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    Holofernes and Woelf both said they have not seen this before… which means to me that it’s a true mystery. Anyone know what it’s from? Maybe that “Terror Trials” was a tournament at a con?

    The style of the ship isn’t like anything from the game, so it’s definitely not “WizKids Official”.

    My guess is that it was something done on a local level, like a game store (or event organizer) that found a generic ship trophy somewhere and then had the plaque inscribed.

    It doesn’t say anything about winning or placing or anything, so I wonder if a bunch of these were made, and were given out to everyone that had signed up for the “Terror Trials” in advance? It would be a neat way to commemorate an event, especially if it was something big that was planned way ahead of time.

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)
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