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    Davy Jones has assembled his mightiest and most powerful minions to his side, assembling a dread fleet that will threaten all who sail upon the seas. Not only has Jones called all of his inhuman cronies to him, but he has also summoned and bewitched many mortal men to his calling. The warring powers of the world must put aside their differences to defeat Davy Jones and his minions.

    The Challenge

    Even though the imperial seafaring powers of the world agree that Jones must be stopped, they cannot be moved to give their full might to the cause. You have 120 points with which to combat the dread fleet of Davy Jones and present a united fleet of the Spanish, English, French, Americans and pirates of the sea.


    Your fleet must have at least one ship from the Spanish, English, French, Americans and pirates. You may not use an alternate version of any crew or ship that has been “ensnared” by Davy Jones, and you may not use any of the ensnared ships or crew.  You may use ships and crew from Spanish Main through to Return to Savage Shores, except other Cursed ships and crew, all game pieces can be found in the Master Spreadsheet.

    Banned items for this Challenge: All Events, Cursed Captain Jack Sparrow, Calypso, all Sea Creatures.

    Any “cursed” pirate crew from the PotC set are considered Cursed for this scenario, and if not in use by the Dread Fleet cannot be used. El Cristal del Obispo and Le Superbe are under the effect of Black Mark and are Cursed. HMS Gallows and Intrepid begin the game with the Red Skull and Gem of Hades on board, making them and all crew aboard them Cursed and part of the Dread Fleet.

    If the Gem of Hades and Red Skull UT’s are stolen from their starting ships, whatever ship steals them will immediately become a part of the Dread Fleet, and the Gallows or Intrepid will join your opposing fleet.

    This is not a standard game of Pirates, your objective is to sink, capture or disable as much of the Dread Fleet as you can. Neither fleet will have a home island at which they start, instead each fleet will have a generic 8 flag home fort that will serve as a home island, but will offer none of the protection a home island provides.

    Submitting a Fleet

    To submit your fleet, post your fleet as a reply in this thread. Only one fleet per person. Only fleets posted in this thread will be considered. Submissions will close at midnight PST, February 1st. Fleets submitted after that time WILL NOT be considered.



    Once all fleets have been submitted, I will play them against the Dread Fleet of Davy Jones on the VASSAL module. Each fleet will have a home fort instead of a home island as previously mentioned. The ocean map will feature no other islands but will have some terrain in play. Whichever fleet defeats the Dread Fleet or comes closest will be declared the winner.


    The Dread Fleet of Davy Jones

    This is the fleet that you must attempt to overcome:


    Flying Dutchman + Sir Edmund, Davy Jones (OE), captain, helmsman, cannoneer, oarsman
    Executioner + Papa Doc (RtSS) , captain, helmsman, cannoneer, oarsman
    Drowned Man + captain, helmsman, cannoneer, oarsman
    Guichuan + Headhunter, Jimmy Legs, Maccus, helmsman, cannoneer, musketeer, oarsman x10

    Divine Dragon + El Fantasma (RotF), captain, helmsman, cannoneer, oarsman
    Guinee + captain, helmsman, cannoneer, musketeer, oarsman
    Last Hope + captain, helmsman, cannoneer, oarsman

    Grinder + Deveraux (DJC), captain, helmsman, cannoneer, oarsman
    Grim Reaper + captain, helmsman, cannoneer, firepot specialist, oarsman
    Hades Realm + Cursed Captain Barbossa, Cursed crew 1&2, helmsman, oarsman

    Skin Flayer + Sammy the Skull (DJC), White Crew, helmsman, cannoneer, oarsman
    Abomination + Wraith (OE), captain, helmsman, oarsman
    Poor Adams + captain, helmsman, cannoneer, oarsman

    El Cristal del Obispo + The Inquisitor (DJC), captain, helmsman, cannoneer, oarsman
    Le Superbe + Jacques, Duc de Valois , Cavendish (OE), Captain Alarico Castro, captain, helmsman, oarsman
    HMS Gallows + Lt. Henry Ducie Chads, Thomas Gunn the Elder, captain, helmsman, cannoneer, oarsman
    Intrepid + Commander Stephan Decatur, captain, helmsman, cannoneer, oarsman

    Craig Owen

    Well here’s my submission. Mostly I went for the biggest baddest gunships I could find. With the exception of one of my favorite Spanish ship, crew, and equipment combos. Hope you enjoy!
    Zeus(OE)23pts+ Hammersmith(F&S)5pts+ Derrick the Red(DJC)6pts+ Oarsmen(x6)6pts

    USS Kettering(FN)16pts+ Captain3pts+ Helmsman2pts

    El Algeciras(OE)3pts+ Luis Zuan(RotF)2pts+ Stinkpot Shot 1pt

    HMS Grand Temple(OE)15pts+ Hermione Gold(RotF)5pts+ Trevor Van Tyne(RotF)2pts+ Crimson Angel(OE)5pts+ Commodore Rhys Griffin Owen(BC)0pts

    Le Soleil Royal(Rev)13pts+ Robert Surcouf(BC)7pts+ Porthos(BC)4pts+ Helmsman2pts

    Peter Geiser

    I figured the only way to try to level the playing field with this big of a point total discrepancy is to try to kill all the crew in the bigger fleet… hence this crew/ cargo killing fleet.

    total _ 119 points.

    Le Soleil Royal  w Captain and Helmsman

    Louisiana  w Captain

    Recreant w Captain and Helmsman

    HMS Granville w Captain

    Asesino de la Nave w Captain Helmsman

    HMS Grand Temple w Thomas Gunn the Younger

    OE _ La Resolucion w Comandante Antonio de Silva, Captain and Helmsman


    The Hammer of Admiral Norrington

    Nothing subtle here. I’ve tried to maximise the survivability and fire-power of the ships by taking a fine contribution from each faction… except the pirates who cheaped out and plan to profit from this venture.

    Strategy wise, the fleet needs to stick together as a block of sheer muscle and cannons, with the pirates close at hand to swoop in and nab any derelict they can reach. The fleet would stick together near each fort until it is destroyed, looking to repair as often as possible. Only the pirates would aim to capture ships, while the larger vessels attempt to survive and fight back.

    HMS Dreadnought (26) with Admiral James Norrington (7) and Helmsman (2)

    El Acorazado (21) with Captain (3) and Helmsman (2)

    United States (15) with Captain (3) and Helmsman (2)

    Le Gaule (17) with Captain (3) and Helmsman (2) and Explorer (1)

    El Dorado (11) with Captain (3) and Helmsman (2)

    Absolutely excited to see how this basic ‘turtling’ fleet would fare.


    Yikes, that is a ridiculous point differential. I’ll throw my pirate hat into the ring.

    HMS Rye
    El Acorazado + MI Luis Zuan, Nemesio Diaz, BC Dominick Freda, helmsman, oarsman, stinkpot shot
    La Belle Etoile + F&S Lenoir, captain, helmsman
    Constitution + Jonathan Haraden, OE Montana Mays, BC Diamond Nelson Turner, helmsman, oarsman, stinkpot shot
    Rover + Jonah, Tia Dalma
    Jolly Mon + The Hag of Tortuga

    Not expecting this to do well, just figured I’d throw a “cancelling cluster” into the mix. Came up with it quick and hoping that the cancellers will help the big baddies to actually get first strikes on some of the opposition to pick them off. Intention is to protect the larger vessels at the start with the Rye and Rover (moving the whole fleet at S speed in a cluster if necessary) in front of the main three.


    You’ll need to edit that fleet Ben, Castro is part of the Dread Fleet and cannot be used.

    You may not use an alternate version of any crew or ship that has been “ensnared” by Davy Jones, and you may not use any of the ensnared ships or crew.


    Looks interesting though, taking advantage of the number of cancelers available to you.


    Oops sorry, just switched him out for BC Freda to preserve SAT and added a stinkpot shot since I had to remove Vega.


    The “BURN EVIL WITH FIRE” fleet. 119 points

    Carrion Crow + Firepot Specialist

    Venture + Firepot Specialist

    Treachery + Firepot Specialist

    El Chico + Firepot Specialist

    El Picador + Firepot Specialist

    HMS Cumberland + Firepot Specialist

    Rover + Firepot Specialist


    Banshee’s Cry + Firepot Specialist

    Rattlesnake + Firepot Specialist

    HMS Anelope + Firepot Specialist

    La Fureur + Firepot Specialist

    HMS Patagonia + Firepot Specialist

    El Afortunado + Firepot Specialist

    El Raton

    Devil’s Pay + Firepot Specialist

    Le Coeur de Lion + Firepot Specialist

    El Algeciras + Firepot Specialist

    Bilge + Firepot Specialist

    Floating Stone + Firepot Specialist


    Not sure how well it will work.

    Fleet: Smoke, Fire and that which lies below…

    Use the smoke to hide the fleet.
    Cancellers to prevent cancelling, and remove pesky abilities.
    Submarines to ram smaller ships.
    Fire to burn those who get too close, and roast marshmallows.
    San Cristobal to hit and run.

    Faction Name Set #

    English HMS Concorde Ocean’s Edge 048

    English Firepot Specialist Barbary Coast 060

    English Smokepot Specialist Barbary Coast 112

    English Helmsman Crimson Coast 104


    French La Delacroix Frozen North 064

    French Firepot Specialist Barbary Coast 086

    French Smokepot Specialist Barbary Coast 113

    French Helmsman Crimson Coast 124


    American USS Mercury Mysterious Islands 300

    American Diamond Nelson Turner Barbary Coast 216

    American Commodore Matthew Perry South China Seas 096

    American Helmsman Mysterious Islands 127


    Pirate Coleoptera Mysterious Islands 029

    Pirate Tia Dalma Caribbean 022a

    Pirate Helmsman Crimson Coast 101


    Spanish San Cristobal Rise of the Fiends 004

    Spanish El Duque Rafael de Moreno y Rivera Crimson Coast 059

    Spanish Nemesio Diaz Spanish Main SC-010

    Spanish Almirante Carlos Pavón y Miranda South China Seas 069

    Spanish Inquisitor Sebastián Blanco Crimson Coast 061

    Spanish Helmsman Crimson Coast 107



    Would have loved to get in on this, but I won’t be able to finish my fleet build for by the deadline tonight (sick son).

    best of luck to everyone else and I look forward to being able to participate in the next one!


    deadline tonight

    Deadline is tomorrow night, when the 1st becomes the 2nd, so you’ve still got some time.

    Luke Menzie

    Fleet: Davy Jones Contest


    Ship 23 Zeus PatOE 300

    Crew 4    Bruce Grey PofSCS 043B

    Crew 4    Capitaine Chevalle PotC 082A

    Crew 12    Emperor Blackheart PatOE 300B

    Crew 3    Captain Generic Crew

    Ship 18 Enterprise PofR 070

    Crew 6    Jonathan Haraden PofR 091

    Ship 3 El Algeciras PatOE 067

    Crew 3    Captain Generic Crew

    Ship 7 La Republique PofBC 079

    Crew 3    Musketeer Generic Crew

    Crew 2    Firepot Specialist Generic Crew

    Crew 1    Oarsman Generic Crew

    Ship 17 Grand Path PofSCS 005

    Crew 4    Kian Ng PofSCS 026B

    Crew 4    Chang Pao PofSCS 027A

    Ship 6 HMS Ram F&S 039


    120 points.


    The goal of this fleet is to cargo smash the Flying Dutchman, Executioner and Abomination of the Cursed Fleet. Zeus and Grand Path will inevitably die, but hopefully they will have cleared out enough of the cursed fleet for Republique to survive with her ability afterward.


    Trying this again because I thought I made a post but now I can’t see it? Not the most deeply strategic fleet but it has a lot of firepower. Endeavor and Soleil Royal have cannoneers to ensure they are able to do their extra damage. Constitution is there as a tank and pretty much everyone else brings extra long range cannons to the fight. Here’s the rundown:

    Deliverance + SM Calico Cat  (19 points)

    San Cristobal (004) + Captain (20 Points)

    Muerta De La Corona (9 Points)

    HMS Endeavor + Captain + Helmsman + Cannoneer (28 points)

    Le Soleil Royal + Captain + Helmsman + Cannoneer (20 Points)

    Constitution + Helmsman (24 Points)

    Looking forward to seeing how it goes!


    Ok manage to finish my fleet since I learned that today was the deadline. I’m filming a video for my YouTube channel explaining the thought process behind this fleet so I will post the link when it’s done.

    Le Bonaparte: with Monseiur Lenoir, captain, and fire pot specialist. Total +26 points.

    Nubian Prince: with Murat Rais, captain, and fire pot specialist. Total +24 points

    Black Arrow: with captain, helmsman, and fire pot specialist. Total +19 points

    HMS Minerva: with captain and helmsman. Total +12 points

    El Algeciras: with captain. Total +6 points

    Le Lache De Calvados: with captain, helmsman, and fire pot specialist. Total +18 points.

    Jarvis: with Commodore Matthew Perry, captain, and fire pot specialist. Total +20 points.


    Total is 125 with commodore Matthew Perry allowing +5 to the 120 total and captain and fire pot specialist on Jarvis satisfying that +5 points.


    My video going over my thoughts on my fleet submission.



    Has playing the fleets started yet?


    Has playing the fleets started yet?


    Sadly no, not yet. However I do have everything set-up on VASSAL, I just need some time to run the fleets and record it.


    When will a winner be announced?

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